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4 Video Streaming Services You Should Check Out

There was a time when TV didn’t exist. There were no movies then but dramas and plays in the theatre. Technology developed slowly, and films became a thing over decades. TVs were novelties owned only by the rich, and watching stuff on the one available channel was nothing short of a gathering. That’s, of course, all in the past now.

Even when we were kids (the nostalgic 90s and early 2000s), we were spoilt for choice. But now, options are all we have.! The TV has gone out of fashion and is being replaced by online video streaming. After all, who has the patience to watch a TV Show or movie, only for it to be interrupted a hundred times by commercials?

We all clamor for a “good deal” and “value for money” when it comes to video streaming, and here’s something to help you choose. Here are four of best video streaming services we know in 2017.

Amazon Prime Video

Not yet an Amazon customer? Amazon Prime offers much more than just videos. There are a whole lot of other benefits like faster delivery of Amazon products, choosing the delivery time and so on. But I digress. The collection is not as vast as, say, Netflix, but the video quality, movies, and of course, the exclusive Amazon Prime shows are too good to miss. There are also some awesome, popular TV Shows and movies you get to access through Amazon Prime, and you can even save your videos offline for a more leisurely watch.


TV shows like Game of Thrones or Friends are insanely famous and everything, but Anime is one thing that has a devout and ever-growing fan following. The popularity of Anime like One Piece, Naruto or Death Note knows no bounds, especially due to the deep meaning embedded in them. Well, good news for the Anime lovers! Crunchyroll has up to 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of content! The best part is, if you’re willing to tolerate an occasional ad here and there, the app is completely free! A small downside is that Crunchyroll prefers to show content in Japanese with subtitles, so if you wish to watch dubbed episodes, you may not like Crunchyroll much. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent service for Anime watching.



It’s one of the most popular services now for TV shows, as it puts them up for streaming much faster than other services. Hulu has a wide variety of shows to choose from, giving viewers the satisfaction of having watched episodes before people with subscriptions to other apps. There’s only one downside, though, which is the cost of a subscription. There are two options to subscribe, one being the $8 subscription with minimal ads, and the other being a $12 subscription which is ad-free.


Some might proclaim that this is the best-known service for video streaming right now. Netflix is a name on most people’s lips. Whether it’s their vast collection, reasonable pricing, or most importantly, the Netflix original series, Netflix is the service every other is compared with. At $8 per month, you get access to their massive collection as well as the coveted and awesome exclusive series, which is an excellent deal, wouldn’t you say?

We hope you found your new favorite to binge-watch some good shows. What are your experiences here? Any more ideas? Share them below in the comments!

This guest contribution was provided by Lavesh Mamodia.
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