4 Interesting Apps for People Dealing With Insomnia


Living with chronic or short-term insomnia may be pretty challenging. It may have an influence on your mental and physical health in more than a few ways, and that goes beyond waking up groggy. However, the good thing is, you can sleep better if you know how to. Here, in this article, we will look at some of the best insomnia applications for both iPhone and Android, decided based on the user reviews, reliability, and quality. So, let us get started and address these apps one by one.


It is a straightforward application that enables you to pick from various sounds, such as white noise, wind, thunder, and even the coffee shop buzz. So, using the app, you can have the perfect soundtrack to help you sleep better. The app even gives you the option of using a mix of two soundtracks that you love. You can save these tracks within the application for your future use. Please bear in mind, if you are using the Noisli app overnight, make sure you plug in the phone to the charger. You may not want to wake up with a dead battery.

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Awoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool

It is a brilliant Android application that is mostly free to use but has some in-app purchases. Typically people are usually not aware of when they are dreaming. To add to it, they also do not know what most of their dreams are about. However, there is a certain sleep phenomenon, which is known as lucid dreaming. It enables the dreamer to be aware of the dream cycle.


One of the best ways to distress you before you retire to bed is meditation. Meditation enables you to sleep through the night. So, if you think meditation can help you sleep better, the Calm mobile app will be the perfect choice for you. Broadly speaking, Calm is a free application. However, you do need a subscription to make the most of the app. Trust us when we say this if you are willing to pay the price, this can be one of the best aids to help you sleep better at night. The premium version of the app will cost you around 69.99 USD annually.

‘There is nothing that is not likable about the Calm sleep application. It comprises several sleep stories, many of which have been narrated by Matthew McConaughey, along with some soothing music to help you relax and sleep better. The app also has some information on the guided movements that you can try to relax your body.

In the free version of the application, there are only a few timed meditation options and only limited soundscapes. The app has some sleep stories and only the first day of the multi-day program on meditation. On the other hand, in the premium version, you will have an option to bear the yearly or monthly subscription. In the paid version, you can access the complete library in the app, which comprises over one hundred and twenty stories, master class, guided meditation, and an array of music tracks, which can aid in sleeping better.


SleepScore is one of the more advanced sleeping applications on this list. It employs sonar technology, which aids in the measurement of your sleeping habits from the nightstand. So, technically, the SleepScore application will produce sonar waves via your phone. These waves will calculate your breathing and any other sound produced by you. Based on these sounds, the app lets you track deep, light, and REM sleep.

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Consequently, you can determine how many times you wake up in the middle of your slumber. Based on this study, the application will grant a sleep score, which is like an objective number to determine the sleep quality and help you to sleep better in the future. To produce the sonar waves, you must ensure that your phone is plugged in and at or above your mattress level. Further, do ensure that the phone’s base is pointed in your direction.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Naturally, the free version of the app has limited features. But it includes vital features such as sound and light monitoring, goal setting, smart alarms, sleep tracking, sleep scores, bedtime reminders, and a seven-day sleep history. On the other hand, a premium version of the application is available at 49.99 USD annually and 7.99 USD per month. There is also a free seven-day trial. In the premium version, you get unlimited sleep history tracking, sleep coaching, and charts that can present your sleep pattern. You can also avail of a doctor’s report to showcase any particular sleep concerns, which may require medical assistance. Overall, if you need the most comprehensive sleep tracking application, this one should be your go-to pick.

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