Build Healthier Sleep Habits with the Sleep Formula App


For decades, sleep has been a study subject due to the mysteries that surround it and the few objective results obtained. Different disciplines have tried to discover more about dreams and sleep. What is the best way to sleep? How many hours do we need to properly rest? are there any affections when not sleeping enough? All these questions have been searched throughout the years. The app called Sleep Formula by AZUR APPS FZ-LLC is trying to help you with that.

Along with the scientific advances related to sleep, technology has also played an important role when it comes to improving people’s health and making life easier for us. That’s why technology has dabbled in dreams and sleeping issues. These apps have different functions depending on the goal of the user; you can track your sleeping hours, learn your sleep patterns, and other information that will benefit and help you improve your sleep over time.

However, these apps cannot provide you with an objective result of your sleep. Sadly, they can’t replicate the experience of a traditional sleep lab, where a group of professionals is constantly taking notes and tracking every minute of your sleep with scientific methods. While apps can only do so much, Sleep Formula helps count your sleep cycles and tracks your sleep.

Sleep Formula App Screenshots iOS

Get a better rest

With an easy interface and intuitive use, you can learn your sleep patterns, how many hours you are sleeping per night, and record any noise or sleep talk with Sleep Formula. This app also shows you how long you sleep during the duration between each stage of your dream, whether if it’s light, deep, or REM stage. Another great thing about this app is that it gives you tips to improve your sleep like:

  • Calming sounds
  • Guided meditations
  • Breathing techniques

All these extra features can also be helpful for your general health. Guided meditations and breathing techniques propitiate relaxation and increase serotonin and endorphins production while decreasing cortisol content in our bodies.

Maybe you won’t reveal the mystery behind dreams but you will definitely sleep better with Sleep Formula. It has both free and premium versions. With the free version, you can get a dream report the next morning, noise recorder, sleeping tracking, mark the factors that might be affecting your dream, and sleeping notes where you can write your dreaming experience the next day, so the algorithm will give a dream statistics after seven days use. The app is currently available on iOS.

Photo credit: The feature image has been prepared by Prostock Studio. The screenshots of the app are owned by AZUR APPS FZ-LLC.
Source: Susan Worly (NCBI)

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