3 Messed Up Point and Click Horror Games to Feed Your Inner Crazy


We all have that certain darkness within us. I, personally love dark humor, what’s your dark side? Perhaps point and click horror games that make you explore a world that makes no sense at all? Well, I’ve got exactly three of those. A little warning ahead: The content is sensitive and games should be only played by adults.

1. Rusty Lake Paradise

Rusty Lake Paradise Screenshot

The first on our list of horror games is something that I gave up on almost immediately because it was too mind-blowing for me. The story takes place on Paradise Island. You go home because your mother mysteriously died and a plague surrounding the island has appeared.

Your job is to interact with your family members and go through the 10 plagues and solve the mystery behind Paradise Island. This game seriously messed me up, and I could no longer comprehend the events, so I didn’t know how it ended. Care to tell me?

Steam: Rusty Lake Paradise

2. Neverending Nightmares

Neverending Nightmares Screenshot

This horror game was released four years ago and is presented in black and white. The game seriously sends chills up my spine as it is inspired by lead designer, Matt Gilgenbach’s personal experiences with obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

The art is very morbid, and the gameplay is quite confusing because absolutely anything can happen in the game. You play as Thomas waking up to different nightmares and try to get out of them. It also has three alternate endings depending on what Thomas does, definitely something you shouldn’t play before you sleep.

Steam: Neverending Nightmares

3. Fran Bow

Fran Bow Screenshot

Now, this game is absolutely adorable, or that’s what I thought at least. At first, it certainly looks like a child’s game, but this story could get just as dark as the ones above. It revolves around, well, Fran Bow, a ten-year-old with a mental disorder after witnessing her parents being murdered in front of her.

After getting lost in the woods she is admitted to Oswald Asylum at the care of Dr. Marcel Deern and is separated from her only friend, Mr. Midnight, her beloved cat. She is then given a medication that alters the “reality” that she sees. It’s super fun to see Fran’s adventure into the morbid world of different realities.

Steam: Fran Bow

We posted the Steam links below each game but they are partially also available for iOS and Android, so you might be able to play these titles even on your mobile devices. I’m sure you have a lot of other games to add to this list, and I’d love to hear about them down in the comments below. And remember, play these games responsibly.

Photo credit: The feature image “Wood. Urban Style.” was taken by Alexander Mueller. The screenshots of the games are owned by the respective developers and publishers.

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Ela Denise Buendia
Ela Denise Buendia
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