22 Things You Can Do for Recharging during and after Your Vacation


Need some time for recharging after a hard day at work? Everybody needs a good rest in their spare time in order to do their best at work. Creativity doesn’t just happen either. We need to manage not only our tasks and time but also balance our feelings and emotion. This is not a new requirement of the modern world, though. This has simply been discarded in work culture, but there is a trend for more workplace wellbeing and digital happiness, which gives us hope for the future of work.

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I don’t want to preach and lecture you about everything you are doing wrong with this tiny article. Kindly consider this just as a list of things and activities you could consider to recharge your power after work, or some things that you could put on your list for any upcoming vacation or holiday period. If you tried something and it didn’t help, cross it out. If something is very appealing or very helpful to you, make sure to add it again to the next time you are going for some time off.

Activities to enjoy to relax and recharge from a busy workday

  • Drink a cup of hot tea or another beverage you like.
  • Read a good book. New or old doesn’t matter.
  • Take long, deep breaths. Just take a mini-break for a few seconds.
  • Listen to your favorite music on repeat.
  • Watch an episode of your favorite TV show or feel-good movie.
  • Paint your nails the color you’ve been dying to try out for weeks.
  • Get some sleep and repeat. Be comfy.
  • Find a comfortable spot in the shade if you’re outside.
  • Go for a walk and explore your surroundings. City hikes are on the rise.
  • Try out a new hobby. What about drawing or sketching?
  • Sit with friends and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Watch the sunset and don’t think about anything.
  • Listen to calming music. Try YouTube for recommendations.
  • Take a bath with your favorite essential oils for aromatherapy.
  • Plan an outing to the beach, park, or another scenic place.
  • Go on walks around the neighborhood and explore new areas. Yes, again.
  • Have you ever tried meditating? Give it a try.
  • Write down all your thoughts, worries, or fears on paper, then rip them up into tiny pieces.
  • Make yourself a delicious dinner to unwind after the day’s stress.
  • Clean up your desk at work – it will make you feel better when you come back.
  • Turn off your phone sometimes. That’s okay.
  • Get outside more often during the day – take lunch breaks outdoors and go on walks around the neighborhood if possible.

Okay, the last one is more about your average working day, but why stop the feel-good activities when you start to work again after your leave? Some things could help you recharge every day. Feeling good and healthy doesn’t need a considerable time investment all the time. Many small things could help you.

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The better you feel both psychologically as well as physically helps you perform better as well. You are more likely to have good ideas. You will have an easier time finding solutions to problems. Overall, I’m sure you can improve some angles to your workday and vacation to recharge. Do you have any more good ideas? Make sure to share your own practices with us on social media. Are you looking for more ideas? Check out the video below by Francesca Paschetta with some interesting recommendations.

YouTube: How To Have More Energy After Work [For Side Hustlers]

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