12 People with an Extraordinary IQ [List]


IQ isn’t everything there is to know about intelligence. It’s just one of the means to estimate a person’s intelligence and quantify the capacity for logic in a way. And while IQ tests are neither precise nor absolute, they still have some weight in our society.

A person with a high IQ could be smart and successful but does not necessarily need to be. Here is a list of 12 interesting people who got their IQ score tested and recorded publicly:

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking IQ list

Photo credit: Doug Wheller

Albert Einstein

Photo credit: Ferdinand Schmutzer
Albert Einstein IQ List

Judit Polgár

Photo credit: Ygrek
Judit Polgar IQ List

Philip Emeagwali

Photo credit: InfoATemeagwali.com
Philip Emeagwali IQ list

Garry Kasparov

Photo credit: S.M.S.I., Inc. – Owen Williams, The Kasparov Agency
Garry Kasparov IQ List

Christopher Michael Langan

Photo credit: Ben David
Christopher Michael Langan IQ List

Edith Stern

Kim Ung-Yong

  • IQ score: 210
  • Born: March 8, 1962 (age 56), Seoul, South Korea
  • Profession: Nuclear physicist, professor
  • Full bio: Wikipedia about Kim Ung-Yong

Christopher Hirata

  • IQ score: 225
  • Born: November 30, 1982 (age 35), Ypsilanti, Michigan, US
  • Profession: Professor for dark energy and astrophysics
  • Full bio: EOHT about Christopher Hirata

Marilyn vos Savant

Photo credit: Shelly Pippin
Marilyn vos Savant IQ List

Terence Tao

Photo credit: Babenson
Terence Tao IQ List

William James Sidis

Photo credit: The Sidis Archives
William James Sidis IQ List

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Photo credit: The feature image is a collage of the images as credited on each profile page.
Source: Juan Ramos (Science Trends) / Wikipedia

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