10 of the Coolest 360° VR Clips [Video]


Today we don’t have a single cool video feature but we got ten for you. All these clips are recorded in 360 degree video and can be watched on your desktop with the Chrome browser, your YouTube app on your smartphone or with your VR viewer kit. With a VR viewer you can enjoy these videos by just looking around you with a fully immersive feeling of “being there”. If you have neither VR kit nor Google Cardboard, you can still navigate the video with finger taps on smartphone app and with a classic drag-and-drop on computer. Very cool!

YouTube: Get Barreled in Tahiti with Samsung Gear VR, C.J. Hobgood

YouTube: 360° Horror Series (Ep.1) – “3:00AM” – 360° VIEWING ON iOS/ANDROID YOUTUBE APP & CHROME DESKTOP

YouTube: Welcome [360 Version] – Fort Minor (Official Video)

YouTube: Wingsuit 360° Experience

YouTube: Star Wars – 360° Virtual Reality

YouTube: 予告犯360° – 真実を見抜けるか?|find the truth 360 degree trick movie .

YouTube: #GoogleMissKoNa 360 Music Video for OFWs

YouTube: 360 Camera In Places You’ve Never Seen

YouTube: VIVID || Virgin Media || VIVID 360 Party

YouTube: 360° cockpit view | Fighter Jet | Patrouille Suisse

Photo credit: Jan Michalko (re:publica)

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