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Best Reddit AMAs for Real Geeks

Reddit is an interesting place. An avid user myself, I can confidently assume other site fans will agree when I say it is simultaneously one of the best, and one of the worst, places on the web. On one hand you will find some of the most intelligent, well informed, and often kind people you could ever meet online. Then in the same hour find the most repugnant, hateful, moronic subhumans you have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Sometimes you find both descriptions in…

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If This Is What Augmented Reality Is Really Like, I’m In

The title of this article is true. I’ve written dozens of articles about augmented reality, but I’ve never been as excited about it as I was after watching this Magic Leap video. I’m skeptical though. The thing about Magic Leap that annoys me is that they seem to be intentionally cryptic. I realize they have to be somewhat secretive since they raised 500 million in funding while still in stealth mode. I’m sure that came with stipulations. Still, I want to know the real deal.…

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Help Your Lost Furbaby with Sparkly App-Controlled Dog Vest

I normally think dog vests are silly. When I see pics of dogs dressed in doggie costumes on Twitter, I usually wonder if the pup is embarrassed. This dog vest serves an important purpose though, and it’s quite stylish too (in a retro kind of way). My two rescue dogs would probably wear this with pride. It will also help them find their way home if they get lost. If you have furbabies in your house too, this post is for you. This dog vest…

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Health Technologies to Look Forward To

Whenever we talk about technological advancements we think of a new phone, a better computer or a new video game. While these are great for our entertainment, every technological advancement brings new opportunities in the health industry. This new year brings us some great things to look forward to in the future of medicine, some of them seeming very much from a movie. Below, we’ll discuss a few up-and-coming additions to the world of health gadgetry. NeuroMetrix by Quell The NeuroMetrix is being designed by…

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