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Project Ara and the Modular Smartphone

The major problem brought by Smartphones nowadays is that when they get a little old you need to replace them because there is no other way to upgrade their hardware. Google has thought about this problem and they want to solve it with the help of an initiative called Project Ara, whose main purpose is to develop an open hardware platform that would be used to design modular platforms. You can think of Project Ara as being mainly a desktop computer for smartphones, since it’s…

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Want to Stand Out? Overdeliver like Crazy!

Overdeliver like CRAZY! Do you know Evan Carmichael? He is one of our favorite thought-leaders supporting all entrepreneurs out there in the world. We picked this video for you to check out because over-delivering is something you can achieve really easy, yet leads to significantly greater results in the long run. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out his homepage with a lot more great resources. YouTube: “Marketing Strategies – Overdeliver like CRAZY!” by Evan Carmichael Photo credit: Evan Carmichael

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Brand Building

Brand Building for Small Businesses

To build a brand around your business means to make it associated with certain emotions, actions and values for your clients. That means that once they see something that reminds them with your business – like color or font or a message, they have certain positive associations. This is important as today, marketing is based strongly on branding. Big companies have made their brands worldwide known and you cannot really expect to reach their influence but the good news are that you don’t have to.…

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Data Visualization: Keep It Simple yet Powerful

What makes one visualization more impactful than another? Why do some chart types struggle to tell a story? BrightTALK’s Regina Yulo interviews Jeff Mills, Director of Analytics at Tableau Software and gets the lowdown on his upcoming webinar for BrightTALK’s Visual Data Discovery and Analytics summit. What are some of the most common mistakes people make when trying to tell a story through data? Most of the time, people are trying to answer too many questions. Their scope is too large. Some of the most…

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