5 Internet Security Tips to Share with Your Boss

With the recession now receding and employment numbers rising, now is a great time to be looking out for your career, in both considering entry level positions and ways you can rise in the ranks of management at your company. One of the best was you can do this is increasing your awareness of workplace technology and the various ways it can be implemented to make your office more efficient. When you start to make suggestions, though, you will want to also mention internet security.…

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MenuDrive Makes Ordering Food Online Easy

 Even if your restaurant has satisfied all kinds of customers for decades, your business stands to feed even more folks if you choose to embrace the right technologies. Thanks to the rise of the Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices, customers have grown to expect a particularly high level of convenience when ordering goods and services – and that includes food. Simply put, here’s what this means for restaurateurs: For many of your customers, calling in a takeout order and being placed on hold…

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Didi Kuaidi Uber Competition Asia China Mainland Business App Taxi Service Car Pooling Woman Man Driver Asian Company

Didi Kuaidi Means Competition for Uber in China

No matter the industry you are in, one thing is certain, China is one country that no one should underestimate, because thanks to its large population it can immediately shift the economic power in the world quite fast. A similar thing happened when a Chinese car hailing operator named Didi Kuaidi announced that it will give away more than $161 million in the form of free rides in order to promote a new chauffeur service that it offers. The company on its own is backed by…

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An Enterprise Horror Story – Managing Company Email Signatures

The humble email signature is a beautiful thing. It has the power to increase your personal or company brand image. But at the same time, it can destroy it, if not implemented correctly. When you have a small number of employees, managing your company email signatures is easy. But it’s when your company has over 10 staff that the horror story begins. You can no longer check everyone’s email signature to ensure consistency with your company brand and messages. If everyone has control of their own email signature, you might find yourself in a…

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