How to Sell Anything to Survive as an Entrepreneur [Chart]

I love sales. I’m an entrepreneur, so sales are the backbone of my ability to remain self-employed. It’s the most critical aspect of entrepreneurship. I could call myself an inbound marketer to lesson the cheesiness some people feel when hit with the word sales, but it is what it is. I’ve sold everything from online advertising to IT service. It never gets old. Many people struggle with learning the art of sales. In this article, I hope to help you think of sales in a…

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Battlefield Hardline: Cops and Robbers on a New Level

In the gaming world, you can always find new and exciting games to play, but the Battlefield series has managed to make a name on its own thanks to the intense and very realistic war based gameplay. It seems however that DICE wants to try out something new and this is exactly how the Battlefield Hardline game was created. The main idea behind Battlefield Hardline is very simple, the game has been designed with the sole purpose of providing you with a realistic depiction of…

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Data Mining – The Newfound Way to Turn Your Data into a Money Spinning Tool

With commercial database growing at unprecedented rates, data mining is the new buzzword in the business world. It is a powerful mechanism that helps to automatically evaluate huge data to discover patterns and trends that helps the companies to focus on the most important information in their database and make proactive informed decisions. It saves time and also predicts unexpected facts that help the businesses to explore newer ways to generate more revenue. The key properties of this technology include automatic discovery of patterns, prediction…

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Noodles and Beef Photo Apple iPhone 6 5S Comparison MacBook Air Artistic Picture

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6: Should You Keep or Upgrade the Old Model?

iPhone 6 was released last year in 2014 and Apple did something that its fans were looking forward to for a very long time – announcing an iPhone with a big screen as compared to its previous models. This latest gadget from Apple boasts of 4.7 inch screen and its previous version iPhone 5S looks miniature in size. One of the biggest questions looming in the mind of iPhone 5S users is whether they should upgrade their mobile or not. Will it be worth upgrading…

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