Creating a More Productive Office Environment

If your office is less of a hive of activity than it could be, then there could be several reasons for this. Poor management, lack of employee engagement, a high turnover of staff or lack of skills can all contribute to a less than productive environment. The good news is that it can be turned around. Read on to find out some of the problems your team might be suffering from, and how to get the work back into the …

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Digitale Steden Agenda

5 Ways to Cut Costs in Your Startup

One of the biggest challenges to startups is cost. Generally there is plenty of talent interested in taking a risk for a big payout and usually there is a decent customer pool waiting to try out what you have to offer. With major obstacles like this out of the way, cost becomes the elephant in the room. Overspending leads to many startup failures making resource allocation and incredibly important factor to your startup.

Here are some tips that can help …

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How Does A Microchip Work, Anyway?

It is a big ol’ nano world out there, isn’t it? – We humans are pretty much awestruck by things that are extreme in size one way or the other. We marvel at our engineering prowess when we look up at some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, and we also marvel at our ability to make computers and smartphones work with electronic components that are barely visible to the human eye – and require a microscope to get details.…

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WHOIS Lookup Tools to Find the Info of a Website

Before selecting a website, it is extremely important to check its information, history and background. Although, it is not possible for every individual to look for a website and search about its information everywhere on the web, there are ways that can simplify the procedure and make the process extremely easy. In this article, we have mentioned a few WHOIS lookup tools that may help you find the information of a website.

DNSstuff ToolBox

This toolbox performs forensic analysis of …

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