Developing Effective Data Use Strategies

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the manner in which businesses are able to use data as a part of their business expansion process in becoming increasingly complex. What this means for businesses is that data is more accessible and there are more ways that data can be used to enhance the performance of the business in multitudinous ways. However, as much as data benefits business in the information age, it also presents some rather unique challenges that must be effectively engaged,…

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College of DuPage Engineering Club Preps for NASA Robotics Mining STEM Science Technology

Jackson State University Example: Growing Interest for Science and Tech-Related Degrees

Many higher learning institutions around the country are noticing increasing interest in STEM-related jobs. STEM jobs include careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. One of the reasons why these majors are drawing more interest from students is because there are many good-paying jobs available in these important fields. According to the Brookings Institute, “20% of all jobs” in the U.S. are related to STEM fields. Because many of these positions are associated with above-average wages, incoming students are taking note when they select their…

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DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 24JAN13 - Gary Kovacs, Chief Executive Officer, Mozilla, USA speaks the session 'Digital Norms' at the Annual Meeting 2013 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 24, 2013.

Copyright by World Economic Forum Urs Jaudas

Gary Kovacs on the Usage of Your Data

Gary Kovacs: Tracking the Trackers In this featured video from one of the TED Conferences Gary Kovacs, now CEO of AVG Technologies and previously with Mozilla, Sybase, Adobe and IBM, is telling you about how your activities in the web can be tracked for both good and bad purposes. The key about cookies and tracking in general is to be master of your data and make sure it only helps your user experience and nothing else. Gary Kovacs says, it’s your right to know what data is…

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PowerCube: Solar Power Station in a Shipping Container

Today we live in a world of great innovation, but in a world of great pollution hazard as well. This hazard is mostly generated by the lack of care in the use of fossil fuel and other abuses of our beautiful green planet. Furthermore, another crisis is at hand, fossil fuel supplies are at their end, and there is nothing that can bring them back, which means than hundred years from now, the energetic situation on earth as we know it will be completely obsolete.…

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