Gamer Paradise: The Twitch Offices

Twitch’s Otherworldly Office

After a post of Christine Lagorio-Chafkin of about the coolest offices went around in the social web we got feedback from @cordellcp3 about one cool office that he felt was missing. Therefore we bring to you the TechCrunch Cribs video on the cool offices of game webcasting company Twitch. We love it – Enjoy!

Twitch’s Otherworldly Office

Photo credit: Twitch / TechCrunch…

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Are You Communicating Constructively?

“One of the most important things when interacting with other human beings is good communication.” I say this so often and it never seems to lose relevance in my point of view.

But how do we improve our communication? Why do people object to your ideas even if they seem absolutely great to you? Who is just bashing you and who is trying to work together with you for a more optimal way to solve a problem? And how to be …

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Visual Security for Your IT Environment

This post brought to you by 3M. The content and opinions expressed below are that of

For decades now, computer privacy has been a major concern for all users. Unfortunately, as time passes we can clearly see that the concern starts to grow exponentially, as more and more security threats can be found each day. No matter if we use a computer at home or for business purposes, the reality is that all of us need to be …

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Amazon Launches ‘Echo’ Interactive Speaker

Since we live in a world where connectivity is the key to everything, manufacturers as well as retailers are always trying to provide us with new, exciting tools that will help us with our day to day needs. This is the exact case of Echo, a voice controlled, interactive speaker created by Amazon. The main purpose of this neat looking device is to provide users with the ability to stream music online but also order items from Amazon without …

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