Help Your Lost Furbaby with Sparkly App-Controlled Dog Vest

I normally think dog vests are silly. When I see pics of dogs dressed in doggie costumes on Twitter, I usually wonder if the pup is embarrassed. This dog vest serves an important purpose though, and it’s quite stylish too (in a retro kind of way). My two rescue dogs would probably wear this with pride. It will also help them find their way home if they get lost. If you have furbabies in your house too, this post is for you. This dog vest…

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Health Technologies to Look Forward To

Whenever we talk about technological advancements we think of a new phone, a better computer or a new video game. While these are great for our entertainment, every technological advancement brings new opportunities in the health industry. This new year brings us some great things to look forward to in the future of medicine, some of them seeming very much from a movie. Below, we’ll discuss a few up-and-coming additions to the world of health gadgetry. NeuroMetrix by Quell The NeuroMetrix is being designed by…

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Visual Interpretation for Artificial Intelligences

Fei Fei Li: How We’re Teaching Computers to Understand Pictures Professor Fei Fei Li invests her time researching computer sciences at the Stanford University. She is Director of the Stanford AI Lab, Researcher in AI, computer vision, machine learning and cognitive neuroscience. We particularly loved her latest appearance on this TED Talks event about how systems learn how physical objects look and wanted to share this with you. Enjoy! YouTube: “Fei Fei Li: How we’re teaching computers to understand pictures” by TED Talks Photo credit: TED…

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E-Ink High Heel Smart Shoes Change Colors with an App

As a girl with a serious shoe addiction, I’ve often wondered about the future of shoes. There’s been a little innovation when it comes to smart shoes, but overall, shoes haven’t gotten the attention they deserve in our tech-obsessed culture. That may be starting to change though. The e-ink shoes I’d like to show you today aren’t a concept design or something to expect in the future. They are available now. This is the kind of wearable I can get excited about. I think any…

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