8 Anti Virus Applications You Need to Know

{{unknown}}Security has always been very important no matter the platform you are using because without the proper security measures you will simply expose your personal information to hackers that will immediately take advantage of it. It’s safe to say that a lot of users nowadays think that they are safe while browsing the web, but virus threats have evolved tremendously and that’s why they need to be stopped as fast as possible.

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Samsung in the VR World

In the mobile world the most powerful companies are certainly Samsung and Apple. Both of these have a lot of product range and each year they bring new, better technologies into the mix. Since Apple is releasing its iPhone shortly, Samsung comes into attack with a new phablet, the Galaxy Tab 4 that tries to regain control over a market whose leader was a few years ago. Unfortunately for them, Apple always tries to find out the new ways to entice users into trying their…

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OnePlus One: A New Smartphone Enters the Battle

Nowadays we get used to change our smartphone each and every year, but with the price of these devices always being quite high, it’s important to ensure that we get the best deal each time we purchase a new one. There are lots of major competitors each year, with Apple and Samsung taking the lead as always. However, a new contender successfully manages to bring a new competitive device in the form of the OnePlus One.

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Taking Better Photos with the Rule of Thirds

Have you ever thought that you should be able to take pictures like professionals? Every time you look at photos taken by professionals, you see the lighting, the compositions, the color, and its view, you thought like “Damn! Why can’t I take pictures like them?” Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how to do it, in the un-amateur way. 

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