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What Is the Value of ITIL?

Some of you know that next to managing TechAcute I have a corporate service provider day-job in which I focus on ITSM (IT Service Management) and Project Management. When I think back in time, I remember one key training that changed the way I run operations and that was my ITIL v3 Foundation.  I strongly recommend everybody who is working in IT operations to get as many ITIL trainings and certifications as they can. I did the ITIL course together with my line manager at that time…

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Reshaping & Revolutionizing Human Resource Management

In a world where even the smallest firm can take on the biggest brands and compete to cater to clients all over the world, the success or failure of an organization is being determined by its ability to recruit, engage, and retain human resources. Increasing human capital and maintaining operational excellence are the two biggest organizational challenges today. This is the primary reason why firms, big and small, are relying on HR technology to enhance productivity and boost profits. Impact of HR Technology Technological innovations…

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Slap a Sticker on Your Skin and Control Mobile Devices

Imagine what it would be like to put a soft, flexible sticker (that looks kind of like a designer bandage) on your arm, around your finger or even hidden behind your ear. Then, when you want to answer your phone, play music or control any of your mobile devices, you’d just touch the sticker on your skin. My brain is on overdrive thinking of all the applications for this new material. At the same time, it makes me wonder how far our laziness will go…

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Download Your Dinner for a Virtual Reality Dining Experience

It’s always interesting to me when technology intersects with the foods we eat. Everyone knows how important it is to put natural foods into our mouths, but at the same time, we love technology to make our daily lives easier. I’ve written about these types of innovations many times, but I’ve never seen one quite like this. It’s called Project Nourished. According the website, it’s “a gastronomical virtual reality experience.” The act of eating can cause health problems sometimes. For example, I have severe allergies.…

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