How to Get a New Smartphone Every Year

Is there an ROI to smartphone? Is the pricing for modern smartphones justified? No matter what company’s products you prefer, the top models of each mostly cost more than 500$. But since they are ‘smart’ nowadays we use cellular phones for many things beyond just making phone calls. Is the pricing perhaps justified?

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6 Traits Every Great IT Consultant Should Have

If you are like most people I know, you’ve probably experienced computer problems from time to time at the office. You may have even had some frustration with the IT consultant who was sent to fix those problems. Why is it that computer techs are loathed by so many people? Sure, they have their challenges like everyone else, but is it more than that? What traits separate a good (or even a great) IT consultant from a bad one? It involves more than you might…

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The Importance of Being a Data Driven Company [Webinar]

David White, Founder and CEO of import.io will be presenting a webinar at BrightTALK’s Visual Data Discovery and Analytics summit running from 17-18 September. BrightTALK’s Catarina Bandeira gets the low down on what David thinks about data and its impact on the world as we know it. See the full summit line-up here: https://www.brighttalk.com/r/zqT

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GAME24: NVIDIA Pulls a International 24h Gaming Event

Despite sitting a lot in front of their computers, gamers are actually social people that do interact with each other. Be it through multiplayer games or gaming related chat tools, gamers can connect with their friends, share news and just play the latest titles. However, having a gaming event that takes place at the same time all over the world is something unheard of until now, and that is exactly what NVIDIA tries to accomplish with its GAME24.

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The Fifth ITIL Book: What Is CSI?

Running a service and keeping up with growing expectations on both quality and efficiency is not an easy task. Beyond all external factors that might impact your business and might force your hand to change the operational processes, you should permanently invest time in CSI to identify opportunities for improvement and manage improvement initiatives to be implemented and controlled. At GMS Global Media Services GmbH, I am greatly involved in CSI myself and while I understand it is one of the hardest disciplines to follow…

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