Overview of Social Collaboration Solutions for Enterprises

Social Collaboration software has become a necessity in just about any type of company, so using it on a daily basis is very important as it allows teams and communities to work together in order to get the best results. The most important thing about social software solutions is that they aren’t static, instead they can be modified to the needs of any company, an astonishing thing to say the least. Companies, external customers, partners and suppliers are using this type of solutions, and thanks…

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How to Permanently Delete Files from Your Computer [Infographic]

It’s not as easy to permanently delete photos and files as you might think. Did you know that when you delete data from your computer, it is not gone forever? Did you know that if you do a factory reset on your Android phone, the data can still be recovered with the right tools? It’s a scary thought, especially if you’re donating or recycling your old computer or phone. On the other hand, it’s good news if you’ve accidentally deleted files that you want to…

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5 Best Apps in Mobile Payment Technology

Mobile payment apps simplify the process in face-to-face, online and remote transactions. Convenience combined with security is making mobile payment, or m-commerce, the next wave in the way we pay for goods and services of all types. Here are five apps for your digital wallet that will take the hassle out of paying wherever you go in the real or virtual world. Apple Pay Apple was slower than many other retailers to release its mobile app. Apparently, the extra time gave Apple a chance to…

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ConferenceCam Connect: The All-in-One UC Solution from Logitech

If you know about Unified Communications you should have stumbled over the Logitech for Business product series sometime between 2012 and now. They usually have great enterprise grade collaboration equipment at really reasonable pricing. Today we got word from Logitech’s latest release, the ConferenceCam Connect. This little shiny device is fully portable and could allow SMEs to leverage a single video collaboration invest to be leveraged across several meeting rooms on demand bases. It also allows road warriors and freelancers to carry around their professional conferencing…

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