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David Spark on Latest InfoSec Trends of the RSA Conference 2015

Nine Trends to Watch out for at RSA Conference 2015 The RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco has just ended. This video with David Spark, by Tenable Network Security, highlights 9 trends in the InfoSec world that played an important role in this year’s conference. You can find even more videos on YouTube: “Nine Trends to Watch out for at RSA Conference 2015″ by Tenable Network Security Photo credit: RSA

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The Thumbnail-Mounted Wireless Trackpad (You’ll Want One)

I write about wearable tech a lot, and this is the most creative expression I’ve seen packed into a wearable in a while. Unlike a lot of wearables, this one would actually be super useful too. I could see myself wearing this because it would make my life easier. Since this wireless trackpad is the first one of its kind, it might not immediately make sense. If you watch the 2-minute video to see it in action though, it will be like having an aha…

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IBM to Launch Cyber Threat Analytics Solution in the Cloud

If you are keeping an eye open in the sphere of InfoSec you might have noticed a trend in cyber attacks happening and therefore there is a growing demand in solutions that help prevent your company from getting hit by such attacks. IBM now has announced to bring their solution into the cloud. IBM QRadar is one of the market leading Security Intelligence technologies out there and bringing this solution to the cloud will give companies the ability to quickly prioritize real threats and further allow them to…

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The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth: Why Developers Are More Valuable than Ever

By Alex Viall, Mustard IT The Age of Information has been a tremendous transition for humanity, but there have been stages even within this period. The data centres that have transformed our world today have undergone their own tremendous developments, and they will continue to do so in a way that is only going to change the landscape of information technology further. The Success of Software Developers Software developers are rapidly becoming some of the most successful people in the world today. The US New…

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