Zeitdice: Smart Time-Lapse Mini Camera


zeitdice-logoFor those of you who have always wanted your very own rhombicuboctahedron that takes photos, you’re in luck! The Zeitdice is a 26-sided handheld time-lapse camera that is meant to be infinitely portable and also capable of being left in one location for hours, days, or even weeks on end. Surprisingly packed with features, the Zeitdice offers a similar level of functionality to most mid-tier cell phones, with the added benefit that the Zeitdice can be left in one location without dying for potentially months on end. What makes the Zeitdice so great? It’s battery, connectivity, features, and app.

The Battery

No word yet on the actual storage capacity of the battery, but the makers claim it can last for at least three months, given the right time-lapse setting.


Wi-fi? Check.

Bluetooth? Check.

Integrated app? Check.



Aside from your standard camera features, such as a microSD card slot and mini USB port, the Zeitdice offers variable time settings for the timelapse camera from one minute to one hour. But even the best timelapse settings would be useless without the ability to manage variable light conditions, which the Zeitdice claims to do so you can get great photos of a sunrise or sunset. Add in their motion detector and an accelerometer, and the Zeitdice sounds more like a smartphone camera than a standalone product.

The Associated App

I think one of the great failings of standalone products is that there often is no mobile integration. However, with the Zeitdice, there is an app to edit your photos as soon as the camera takes them and then publish them onto your favorite social media platform. The real genius here isn’t photo editing, but rather the ability to get a heatmap from your footage and to increase the framerate to make sure you get the picture to capture what you need it to capture.

With all of these functions, the real question is why would you develop a camera in an already crowded marketplace? Possibly because the Zeitdice is one of the few products that seem to get photography done right. Instead of having to get a tripod for camera placement, the Zeitdice can be sat on any one of its 26 sides to help get the correct picture angle. But if you did want a tripod connected, it still has a slot for that too. With seemingly everything thought of, from a physical button for photos to the ability to watch in real-time what your camera sees, it looks like the only thing the makers didn’t include was the kitchen sink.

Photo credit: Zeitdice

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