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YUN: Levitating Aroma Spaceship That Helps You Relax

How often do you feel levels of exhaustion, tiredness, and stress so high that you want to scream? Your daily routine is driving you crazy, and you just can’t relax? Welcome to 21st century way of living. If you have all those symptoms of being a human today, you might get some help from YUN.

We can warmly welcome this innovative gadget for becoming more relaxed in a new way. YUN is an interesting device which could bring you comfort and mindfulness just by looking at it. YUN is the combination of electromagnetic technology and levitating incense that will convert your surroundings into the zen space that you are craving for.

How does this levitation ship work?

It looks like a floating spaceship made of two pieces, the base, and the levitating part. Both these pieces are only working after you patiently find the right balance. Yes, your patience is on trial, but you might get visual, sensory and spiritual enjoyment even by doing this setup.

YUN Aroma Flying Spaceship Saucer New Product Zen Meditation_edited

That is how YUN helps your focus and calm your mind. In a way, YUN reflects your emotional state, the inventors say. Once you find the balance, you need to put the burning incense into the pod.

Afterward, smoke will flow out followed by a wooden aroma that can provoke all your senses. As you inhale, you might sense and feel your inner being. You will feel a calming and soothing effect thanks to sandalwood and agarwood.

Where does this inspiration come from?

YUN is bringing you the spirit of Eastern cultures with a simple design, but yet, in an entirely modern way. And there is a whole story behind the designing idea.

The designer says, „The white pod and the black base represent the Heaven and the Earth. The rising smoke resembles the drifting clouds and flowing water as seen in traditional Chinese paintings. The unity of motion and stillness is in concord with the concept of Tai Chi theory“.

There it is, your own path to more mindfulness and all the needed energy for another day in this turbulent modern world.

You can also review their product on Kickstarter now and back their crowdfunding campaign if you like this product.

YouTube: YUN: Levitating Incense Holder for Better Meditation

Photo credit: YUN

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