You Can Buy a Non-Apple or Non-Samsung Phone, You Know?


Now the big guns have fired off their volleys, selling millions of phones in the process, other vendors are coming out of their shelters, hoping to shift a few smartphone units.

Google goes for growth

Google’s Nexus range, with devices based on popular models from HTC and previous partners seems to have fallen off the hype curve in recent years. However, on 4 October, Google will reveal its new Pixel models, again from HTC, that the company hopes will reinvigorate the brand.

According to leaked pictures, with a fingerprint sensor on the rear in a glass-cover, it gives the device a distinct look. Otherwise we’re staring at yet another generic looking high-end smartphone, available in a regular 5-inch and an XL 5.5-inch model, but at least these will definitely run Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.

BlackBerry is back

Refusing to go quietly into the night, BlackBerry continues to tempt enterprise users with its latest model, also running Android. Leaks of the DTEK 60 show it is a 5.5-inch all-touchscreen affair, so it looks like BlackBerry has finally abandoned the physical keyboard.

This device also matches most other smartphones in specs with a SnapDragon 820 processor, 32GB of storage, rapid charging and a USB C connector, presumably with plenty of BlackBerry business connectivity tools added in for executive users.

Sony XZ looking to rebound

xperia-xz-group-sony-mobileSony’s mobile division has been bleeding cash for years now, but the maker is still trying to tempt loyalists with new editions. The latest is the Sony Xperia XZ, revealed at IFA 2016 in Berlin, so at least we officially know what it looks like. Encased in a special metal coating, the ZX and its smaller Compact X model are available in forest blue, mineral black and a striking platinum.

With a 23-megapixel camera, Sony has always been renowned for high quality photos, and offers improved image stabilization and low-light features to capture you and your friends at your best.

All of these devices seem to be aiming for a base $600 price point, trying to compete with Apple and Samsung, they are all launching in early October, so if you’re not in the Apple or Samsung fold, you’ll have plenty of choice.

YouTube: Xperia XZ – perfectly tailored to life
Photo credit: Sony Mobile
Source: Sony Mobile press release
Editorial notice: Leaked features of the BlackBerry DTEK 60 have not been officially confirmed. The same also goes for leaked visuals of the unreleased Google Nexus devices.

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