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Work and Collaborate Better Anywhere with the Cisco Headset 730

Whether you work at an office or at home, being able to communicate with our co-workers well is vital for collaboration, and it shows. As seen in Cisco’s “Business Headsets” survey 2019, it demonstrates that 95% of users prefer professional headsets that have good connectivity with collaboration applications and devices. Meanwhile, 98% of IT admins prefer a single integrated platform that can manage headsets, phones, soft clients, and collaboration applications.

With this information on hand, Cisco developed a new line of professional headsets: the Cisco Headset 700 Series. Here, you’ll find the Cisco Headset 730 which boasts of style and sound quality. This also offers a single, integrated tool that manages Cisco headsets, endpoints, and applications, both on-premises or in the cloud.

What’s new about the Cisco Headset 700 series?

The new Cisco Headset 730 ensures an increase in productivity, boasting of superior audio, noise cancellation, enterprise-grade security, and elegant design. The headsets are aimed for business and personal use, with a Bluetooth (5.0) connection and a wireless range of more than 210 feet.

More importantly, it has a talk time of more than 15 hours and binaural sound. Thanks to the active noise cancellation and noise reduction microphone, it also has reliable audio enabling clear voice communication. This makes it perfect for working in any environment.

You will also be able to customize the audio with the Cisco Headsets mobile app. With this, you can quickly adjust equalizer settings, configure the headset features, and troubleshoot issues. The app is available for Android and iOS.

This integration with Cisco collaboration apps like Webex Teams in the cloud or and devices on-prem allows an intuitive user experience and intelligent IT headset management. Aside from this, the 730 series also provides an exceptional level of protection against malicious attacks and hackers, allowing users to be secure while they stay connected. You will find the in two models: Platinum and Carbon Black, so you can match the rest of your equipment.

YouTube: Cisco Headsets 700 Series: Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling Business Headsets

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