Learn About WordPress Security with the Wordfence Learning Center [+ Infographic]


Wordfence is a popular security solutions for WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) primarly designed to build blogs but also other types are webpages are nowadays powered by WordPress. Because it is such a popular system to use, it is also target of cyber attacks. Therefore it is imperative to know about security matters and protect your website proactively. Wordfence has now launched their Security Learning Center to educate users how they should set up their systems to be safe – for free.

The Wordfence Plugin

Wordfence itself is a plugin that you can download on the WordPress market for plugins to help with security. Similar to how app stores work for smartphones. Plugins are little modules that extend your WordPress installation with additional features. The offering from Wordfence focuses on making your CMS secure but of course you need to know what you are doing. Because WordPress is so easy to use and set up, the users often have not enough technical insight on how they could harden their defenses in order to protect themselves from cyber attackers.

“Website security is a huge challenge for everyone, and our team is on a mission to provide the best software and resources available to help the WordPress community protect what they have built,”… “We encourage everyone from entry-level users all the way to developers to take advantage of our new learning center.”
Mark Maunder, CEO of Wordfence

Security Learning Center

The WordPress Security Learning Center by Wordfence offers educational content for beginners, intermediate and advanced knowledge on the subject. They provide learning articles, checklists, videos and building blocks to understand the essentials on security of your CMS.

They have only launched the platform but there is already some handy information to help people learn. They managed to transform a relatively difficult subject into a fresh and fun learning environment. Of course they hope to draw the attention of readers towards their own security solution but there is no secret hook. They offer you valid information and you don’t have to buy anything to get the full picture, like some companies do. You should definitely check this out. From my own experience I can confirm, if you have no security in place whatsoever, they will take it apart. As a reminder: Neither WordPress nor Wordfence costs any money in the basic setup.

About Wordfence

Wordfence by Feedjit Inc. one of the most popular security solution for WordPress. The Wordfence security plugin has been downloaded more than 10 million times, and is consistently one of the most popular plugins for WordPress on WordPress.org. It offers enterprise-class security software and educational resources to provide peace of mind, a true sense of security and continuous protection for WordPress websites. The Wordfence team is headquartered in Seattle, WA and is passionate about software engineering and delivering excellent customer service.

Infographics by Wordfence

Infographic: How Best-in-Class WordPress Security Plugins Protect Your Website

Infographic: Where WordPress is Vulnerable and How the Bad Guys Attack

Photo credit: Wordfence / University of the Fraser Valley
Source: Wordfence / PR Newswire

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