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Looking for a More Secure Home Network? Check out Amped Wireless Ally Plus

Security and control is more and more becoming a critical demand, even for home network appliances. The Amped Wireless Ally Plus should be on the top of your shopping list this year. This particular device bundle is one the best for secure wireless networks out there at the moment.

What is this solution about?

This wireless system comes with two almost identical set of devices. The first is a dual-band AC1900 router also known as wireless home smart Wi-Fi router and the second is a dual-band AC1900 extender. The Wireless home smart Wi-Fi router is also on the market on its own as the one does not need the extender for small spaces. When the router and the extender work in conjunction it offers coverage limit up to 15,000 square feet thus making it optimal for high-speed internet speed over large areas.


Users do not have to worry about configuring the two devices to work together because they have already been preconfigured by the manufacturer. The most appealing feature about the Amped Wireless Plus is being able to control the system from your phone with an app. The company as ensured that the app is available for both iOS and Android users. This means you are able to block certain apps on from your phone. The simple modern design allows the hardware system to blend into your home easily. It’s not an ugly bulky box, to say the least.

Amped Wireless Ally Plus Security in Consumer Networks

Market competition?

Amped Wireless could possibly rival Secucloud’s solutions in the future. Secucloud tries to reach the masses by partnering up with local ISPs and having them add their service to the standard devices of the service provider.

Price for security

Amped Wireless provides a safeguard from hackers and online phishing scams. The wireless router uses an antivirus solution developed by AVG. The Amped Wireless Ally plus is going on the market for $299.95, and the Wireless home smart router is on the market for $ 179.99.

YouTube: Amped Wireless ALLY, a Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi System

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Source: Dong Ngo (CNET) / Keith Shaw (Network World)

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