#WILT: What I’ve Learned Today


I’m generally a fan of modern wisdom and sharing knowledge and experiences. Even though people nowadays live a busy live full experiences and continuously gathering wisdom, they mostly don’t write them down or record them in another way. Maybe the cause equals the effect here – call me the devil’s advocate – but perhaps we can use this modern age and not only record some of our wisdom but also share it with people on social networks and social media in general.

Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom is absolutely relative to every individual, so we really cannot estimate a general value of a certain wisdom being shared but as users in Social Network such as Twitter get to select who they want to follow, the chance of sharing something useful for their followers is not bad to say the least.

I am now seeking to establish a personal routine and share my ‘what I’ve learned today’ on Twitter at the end of my day. Following the principle of avoiding to make similar mistakes twice, thrice or even all the time. Reflecting on one’s own day mindfully and sharing the ‘wisdom’ with others, may it be just for interest or maybe because it can really help others as well.


And to make my contributions findable I decided to mark them with the hashtag #WILT, four-letter acronym for – you guessed it – ‘what I’ve learned today’. I hope for my own tweets to be of interest to my followers and perhaps they can even help some of them, if they might be facing similar challenges. I further invite others to also contribute under the hashtag #WILT, share their experiences and bright moments.

Checking through tweets that are already marked with #WILT we can find mostly general trivia which is also interesting but not really a personal type of knowledge. Maybe that will change over time or maybe it will not but at least I will from now own try to reflect on my day mindfully and if something becomes clear – make sure that share it with #WILT.

Stop keeping your insight for yourself! Throw your journal away! Did you already post some good #WILT tweets? Why don’t you share them with us? I make the start:

Update: After over a year, here is a collection of good #WILT tweets. Check out these 20 (hopefully) useful wisdoms.

Photo credit: Elvin Zilverbat, Nasa Appel

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Christopher Isak
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