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Why Do So Many Hate One of the Most Popular YouTubers?

Felix Kjellberg, more known as PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTubers, with 48 million subscribers at the age of 26. He usually makes gaming videos and occasionally commentaries, reaction videos, challenges, or original episodes. He makes a huge amount of money and now has a net worth of $12 million. I’m sure we’ve all probably heard of him, watched his videos, or is currently a part of the bro army (PewDiePie’s fanbase). Despite his enormous number of fans, he still has a big share of haters. Let’s look more in depth at this.

PewDiePie’s content has been described as goofy, energetic, obnoxious, and filled with profanity. He swears a lot. I, as a fan, can admit to him having unnecessary jokes most of the time. A lot of people would criticize his content because of it not being “appropriate”. On his part, he doesn’t plan on pleasing everyone. He already has 48 million people supporting him and doesn’t need a few people telling him to completely change his style. This aspect also makes him famous because it is found hilarious how much he goes “crazy” in his videos and breaks down the barriers of what an adult should be. So if you think his videos are inappropriate, a good solution is to not watch his videos.

A lot of people also hate on him because he doesn’t do anything with his number of subscribers. They tell him that he could be changing the world having that much people following him but instead he just plays games. People still can’t appreciate the millions of dollars he gives to charity and how he encourages his subscribers to join him in raising money for a good cause. He is more than a noisy 26-year old with a beard. He has a kind heart (even though not evident in his videos). He is really close with fans and appreciates every single one of them—even though some of them push the limits and visit him at his house.

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Personally I think people hate him because he makes a lot of money. They claim that he makes money doing nothing; he just sits, screams, and makes rape jokes. But they don’t see the effort he puts into the videos. He has amazing editing skills and manages to post 2 videos a day with that kind of detailed editing. And he has been doing this for 6 years. The equipment, games, and merchandise he buys for his videos doesn’t come cheap. He used to work for a hotdog stand just to support his videos when his channel was just starting up.

I guess everyone has their own preferences in what they want to watch and support. I admit PewDiePie can get really offensive sometimes but he makes up for it in the end and I commend him for that. I admire him for not getting discouraged by all of these haters. His content is hilarious and very informative, helping me to discover new games and avoid bad ones.

What do you think about PewDiePie? Check out his channel and drop your thoughts below in the comment section.

YouTube: No Swear Electric Challenge. (The Impossible Game)

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