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Our lives are more entangled with technology these days than we can even begin to fathom. From social media profiles to bank details, there’s a lot of information about ourselves that serves as our digital footprint. But have you ever considered what will happen to all of this when you are gone? Planning for your digital death is challenging and sometimes a disregarded part of end-of-life care. To help, Whenn promises to make digital death planning simple, providing people and their loved ones some peace of mind.

When a person dies, their loved ones are frequently forced to deal with a wide range of problems relating to their internet presence. Personal images, bank information, and social media accounts are just a few examples of what has to be secured. Whether it be closing or transferring these accounts, without enough planning, mourning family members may find this to be a difficult and draining task to deal with in the midst of everything. Whenn’s creator, Sarah Giblin, understood that there was a need for a solution to this. She set out to develop a user-friendly platform that would assist people in setting up their digital deaths in a safe and convenient way.

Your digital footprint after death

Whenn aims to provide a user interface that is straightforward and easy to use. Even if you are not tech-savvy, it promises that you can easily finish your digital death preparations in 30 minutes or less. With its step-by-step instructions, the app will help your internet presence pass on with less hassle.

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The app, available on Android and iOS, has an integrated account management that can assist you in gathering all of your online vital data in one safe place. Most importantly, Whenn requires no passwords or account numbers. Our executors and next-of-kin just need to know the name of the bank, pension fund, or utility they need to close.

Of course, digital security is of importance to Whenn when it comes to gathering data. Your data is safely saved, and only the individuals you’ve given permission to view it. This ensures the confidentiality of your private information. The service also has a paper version of everything you need. With this, you not only spare your loved ones the trouble of sorting through your digital life. You also provide them the assurance that your digital assets are also taken care of.

Things to consider

A thing to keep in mind is that Whenn is not a will and has no legal standing. It directs our surviving family members to our accounts following our passing. Remember that a legitimate will or the law of the nation gives someone the right to make decisions on their behalf after they pass away.


Whenn is modeled from the life and death laws in England and Wales and is available for those residing in the UK. Sarah Giblin promises to make two paper packages: one for UK supporters and one for foreign shippers. All funders will receive the same app. Take note that while this would work well for those who have family in the UK, it might not apply to those who are residing elsewhere around the world.

Whenn is more than just a chance to support a cutting-edge idea; it’s also a chance to understand the importance of talking about digital death preparedness. You can make sure your digital persona is protected and accessible to the people that you trust. Currently, the app has surpassed its goal on Kickstarter, but if you want to support it, it still has a few days left before the project closes.

YouTube: Where did the idea for Whenn come from?

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