5 Highlights: What to Expect as a New MacBook Owner?


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For someone who is looking to get a new computer, MacBooks should be one of the first choices in the market. Right now, it is quite clear that MS Windows and their line of custom-built PCs and laptops seem to be dominating, but there is still plenty of room for other brands. Macs might have a premium price attached to them, but the price is justified given what you are getting for your investment.

Becoming a MacBook owner is exciting, but if you have no prior experience with macOS, transitioning from a more familiar operating system comes with certain obstacles and expectations. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas that you need to pay attention to as a new MacBook owner.

User interface

The UI is one of the best things about MacBooks. Many people praise the aesthetics, and while the device’s looks matter, it is what a computer has to offer that should take priority. From a pragmatic point of view, the user interface of a MacBook is quite intuitive.

As expected, you will need some to get adjusted to different functions, such as searching for the files, launching apps, installing updates, and so on. However, once you get the basics down, you will start to realize that the UI is one of the areas where Apple truly excels with its innovative approach, and that reflects on how they design MacBooks.

Keyboard shortcuts

For more tech-savvy computer users, keyboard shortcuts are part of their routine. Deleting and moving files, closing apps permanently, taking screenshots, and so on is much easier when you use key combinations rather than a mouse or, in this case, a trackpad. The basic shortcuts are different from what you are used to. As such, it will take a bit to get accustomed to the new macOS environment (similar to the user interface).

You can check the official Apple support side. It has a section with all the available keyboard shortcuts on a MacBook. Take note of those you find the most relevant and learn them. So long as you work on your finger memory, you should memorize the most important Mac shortcuts in no time. And once you learn a few, you can move on to the next batch and repeat until you know most, if not all, keyboard shortcuts.

Performance and maintenance

The overall performance of a MacBook should be the least of your worries. Apple does an excellent job in manufacturing a device that is as reliable as they come. Sure, after using the computer for a while, you are bound to notice some struggles in performance, but that is to be expected. Once the problems occur, you will need to seek solutions. According to the link related to speeding up a MacBook, clearing redundant system junk, such as cache and app extensions, should be one of the priorities.

Decluttering the desktop and minimizing background processes as well as startup items help a lot, as does cleaning the dust inside a MacBook. The bottom line is that while Macs are reliable, you should not depend on the device to solve your problems by itself. No, you need to take care of your computer. Otherwise, the issues will only snowball out of control and leave you with more troubles than you would like to have.

Available applications

The days of significant exclusivity for operating systems are behind us. That is to say, most software and video game developers are looking to cover as many bases as they can, which leads to creating things that work on different operating systems. Having said that, macOS still has some neat features that you will not find on another operating system. For instance, Siri, a digital AI assistant, is superior to its peers.

Spotlight is also a great tool to navigate through the computer easier. And then there is Time Machine for backing up data. For everyday things, such as surfing the net, you can stick to Safari, which is a default macOS browser, or use alternatives like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to name one example. Combining both exclusive tools, some of which are integrated to the OS, and universally available software creates a great experience when using a MacBook.

Security concerns

Since macOS is not as popular as MS Windows, it means that the operating system is less likely to become a target for a cybersecurity attack. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the available threats anyway. Installing reliable antivirus software, updating macOS as soon as a new version is out, and following sensible practices when surfing the net ought to be a solid foundation if you want to reduce the odds of infecting a MacBook with malware.

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you are thrilled about your new MacBook. For more tech news visit us frequently here on TechAcute.

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