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Wella Professionals Introduces Two Innovations to the Hair Salon Industry

Wella Professionals has always focused on developing new ways to reinforce the hairdressing industry. One of their goals is to form a change, and they have progressed towards that with smart salon technology. Most recently, they have developed two new products: the Smart Mirror and Color DJ.

 Personalize your hair

The Smart Mirror and the Color DJ work best together. With the help of CareOS, Smart Mirror was developed, utilizing augmented reality to help clients visualize the hair color that best suits them. The mirror has face recognition and lets people get a 360-degree visual of their hair.

Aside from that, the Smart Mirror is responsive to hand gestures, an important factor in this “new normal”. It also has a curated feed that can help inspire the client in choosing their new look. It can be connected via mobile app, keeping a client updated on any news of the salon.

Meanwhile, the Color DJ is the world’s first in-salon device for stylists that can design and manufacture ultra-personalized color masks digitally. Created with the help of a salon professional, this device has 60 billion possible color combinations to create that perfect look. It also lets people choose the fragrance of the color that’s gets created for them. This adds another layer to that personalized touch. What’s more, the data can be saved for future use as well.


The digital salon experience

With technologies like online booking and other solutions available, products like the Smart Mirror and Color DJ complete that 360-degree digital-enabled experience for clients.  The Wella Digital Salon Platform is also a testament to that. This is of course in collaboration with Coty Professional Beauty. According to the Senior Vice Chairman of Digital Transformation and Ecommerce at Coty Professional Beauty Chris Chesebro, he says that “Our brands have a deep heritage in supporting the salon industry, and also the launch of the Wella Digital Salon Platform reimagines that support within the digital age.”

Their president, Sylvie Moreaur, also echoes this sentiment. She says that it showcases “our commitment to advance the experience of hairdressers and salon clients. These aren’t one-off gimmicks they’re mainstream changes which can future-proof and help drive the growth of the professional salon industry.”

YouTube: The Wella Augmented Hair Salon Experience

Photo credit: The feature photo is owned by Coty/Wella and has been provided for press usage.

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