Wearable Drones: Nixie Flying Camera


Although the technology has evolved a lot, there are still numerous situations in which you would like to take pictures but you simply can’t. This is especially true when you are climbing a mountain, going down a cliff or just go in a place where no camera access is allowed. Thankfully, a solution has been invented that does allow you to solve these problems in the best possible way, and that particular solution is named Nixie.

Nixie-Logo-Startup-Wearble-Drone-Camera-Photo-Flying-large-high-resolutionNixie is mainly a wearable, but what makes it special is definitely the fact that you can keep it on your wristband at all times. The most impressive thing that comes to mind when you see Nixie is that this is a small quad copter, and you are definitely true. The device is indeed a quad copter, but aside from that, it’s also something that looks astonishingly good, thanks to its wonderful design.

Of course, the main merit that comes with the Nixie device is definitely the ease of use. Being able to transform these quad devices into a wrist strap that unfolds immediately when you need it is definitely astonishing, and thanks to it you can take pictures or film videos in places where you never dreamt before.

There are a few downsides though, because you do need places where there’s not that much wind, otherwise this can be a real problem. This is understandable though, especially if you take into consideration the fact that this device is so small to begin with, that you can actually wear it on your wrist. Nixie allows you to take videos or photos whenever you need it, and once that is done, the drone will come back automatically towards you so you can grab it and slap it on your wrist. This makes Nixie a one of a kind device that has never been constructed.

Fly Nixie Team CES 2015 Intel KeynoteTeam Nixie backstage after successful demonstration at the CES 2015 Intel keynote

For now, Nixie does have a few bugs, but that doesn’t really take away from the beauty and usefulness of the product. The current Nixie is far from being final, even its developers said that they do have quite a lot in mind that want to implement, but even in its current form, Nixie works seamlessly and you do have the opportunity to take pictures wherever you are, and the drone does come back to you.

Nixie is definitely one of the major accomplishments in the wearable world, and while there are numerous devices with neat features, being able to use a quad drone as a wearable definitely tops everything off. We enjoyed using this stellar device and we definitely recommend it to anyone when it gets released. Sure, we are a little far from that, but maybe in the near future we will be able to try see the first, finished Nixie.

YouTube: Introducing Nixie: The First Wearable Camera That Can Fly

Photo credit: Nixie

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