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With COVID-19 making its way around the world, there was a surge in contactless, hand-held thermometer sales. Due to the number of cases exponentially increasing, there has been a sudden demand for the said thermometer type. However, there’s not enough supply to cater to the various institutions in need of the medical equipment. 

Other than the lack of supply, another issue with the handheld infrared thermometer is that it needs to be calibrated regularly. This is to avoid having errors in reading people’s temperature. 

Healthcare facilities have been filling to the brim with cases. While they have their handheld thermometers. Despite that, how would you safely monitor the temperature of an isolated COVID-positive patient without potentially catching the illness and spreading it among fellow frontliners?

Meet NIRA Temp, a wearable smart thermometer that can provide accurate, real-time temperature readings. Designed and assembled in the USA, NIRA Temp passed FDA, HIPPA, DGPR, and CCPA requirements with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit (0.1 Celsius). 


Hands-free efficiency

NIRA Temp Director of Marketing, Cindy Le shared how the device can be useful in and out of the hospital. It’s becoming more common to have your temperature checked upon entering a building. This takes quite some time and may lead to overcrowding, something that NIRA temp aims to prevent while still monitoring temperature.

Additionally, Le also mentioned how this helps healthcare workers monitor the patient’s temperature “without having to enter at-risk patient rooms saving time and personal protective equipment.” With frontliners needing to protect themselves from sickness more than ever, they would always need to change in and out of PPEs. However, once they use it, this also gets immediately disposed of to reduce the spread of COVID, which is also quite costly. with the NIRA Temp, they can prevent exposure and having to wear multiple PPEs.

How it works

NIRA Temp has a discrete, comfortable bandage design, a 365-day battery life, and is even water-resistant. It is attached using an adhesive bandage sticker under the armpit in the Axillary area, which is a medically-accepted temperature reading spot.

The wearable thermometer patch is connected to the NIRA app, which would send out notifications regarding the individual wearing the equipment. The mobile app allows customizable alerts, family sharing, medical note-taking, and history. It also helps send out immediate notifications on suspicious body temperature changes via SMS, email, or phone notifications.

Organizations can even access member data through a cloud-based API and a web-based organizational dashboard, all protected with high-level security and privacy courtesy of NIRA Temp. This is extremely important especially since the World Health Organization updated its report on COVID-19 transmission as possibly being airborne. Minimal contact time with COVID-19 patients is crucial, especially in isolated wards, and NIRA Temp provides the means of achieving that.

NIRA President and Founder, David Bean, has acknowledged that businesses and areas of gatherings are being shut down due to COVID-19. However, he also expressed that they want to “utilize our technology to enable schools, factories, healthcare systems, offices, and other organizations to resume campus activities in the safest and effective way possible”.

NIRA Temp is available for individuals and organizations for pre-order. The package comes with a one-month starter kit of mounting bandages and free mobile apps. For organizational devices, pre-order includes a 1-year subscription to the organization API and web-based organizational dashboard.

YouTube: NIRA Temp Teaser

Photo credit: The images used are owned by NIRA and have been provided for press usage.
Source: World Health Organization

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Elaine Espiritu
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