Is CSPO Training Worth It?


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is a scrum certification course offered by ScrumAlliance for those who want to take up the product owner role in a scrum team. The course covers Agile, scrum fundamentals, and many non-scrum topics such as product vision, release planning, product roadmap, estimation, burn down and burn up charts. Here are some compelling reasons to do a CSPO course.

Expansive knowledge as a product owner in your domain

A key objective of CSPO or product owner certification is to equip you with intensive knowledge as a product owner in your field. It helps you acknowledge how to convey a product iteratively and progressively using Scrum. The certification is for people with excellent product experience with domains like healthcare, travel, communication, and manufacturing.

A product owner is a scrum executive whose responsibility is to expand the company’s business and product value. The owners are the face of the product since they are professionals who are supposed to envision the product before developing it. And CSPO covers all these concepts.

Enhancing your earning potential with CSPO

CSPO® training is precious in today’s money-valued world as it gives you an advantage as a certified professional to potentially have a higher salary and premiums. You have gained more valuable experience compared to those who have not been CSPO certified.

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Furthermore, the certification increases your job opportunities around the world. The course is fast-growing as many companies slowly adopt the scrum method. And this has created a high demand for CSPO certification in the industry.

Expanding career options as CSPO

The training will also expand your career horizon and make it easy for you to get job offers from various companies. Such opportunities elude those without the training.

When top companies are recruiting, they will primarily look for candidates that are certified. They will then offer you a higher remuneration package based on your level of certification.

The product owner is one of the most demanding jobs in all companies that have already adopted the Scrum Framework, but CSPO certification makes the job easier.

Handling the customers

When it comes to handling customers, you must know what to say and how to behave around them. Also, it’s essential to understand the needs of various customers. CSPO training will ensure that you learn about all it takes as a product owner to handle customers.

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The course ensures that you have intensive training. It ensures that all the Agile professionals gain valuable skills that they need while interacting with customers.

The training will offer different approaches to a customer and give you the necessary agile knowledge required to understand a customer’s requirement on a specific product. Sometimes the customers that come in search of a product are also agile professionals. Thus, it is essential to have a sound knowledge about Agile Methodology which will help take the interaction to a more professional level.

Networking with professionals

Taking CSPO training comes with multiple perks and offers a trainee a chance to interact with various professionals. CSPO certification provides two years of membership of ScrumAlliance. This membership improves your applications to join online social networks, user groups and also gives them the advantages of getting exclusive discounts in gatherings and additional member-only resources.

Networking with professionals worldwide will increase your knowledge about Scrum and all the principles that surround it. Network building is critical in any industry because it will help increase the chances of getting job referrals from the people you interact with within the platforms and gatherings.

Additionally, it will aid you when facing any issues and challenges as you can discuss them with the other professionals. ScrumAlliance membership increases the value of the certification, which makes it known all around. The CSPO certification course, therefore, helps market the product owners to the rest of the world.

Become a recognized professional manager of the product backlog

A product backlog is an itemized list of work set for the development team derived from its roadmap and requirements. The product backlog is a decision-making artifact that helps you estimate, refine and prioritize everything you might need to do sometime in the future and complete it beforehand.

As a certified product owner, you will be the solitary individual responsible for defining the product backlog. CSPO training will be of value to you because for a development team to function well, the product backlog has to be explained adequately such that every feature is clearly understood.

Is CSPO Training Worth It - Agile Methodology Project Management Scrum Masters
Image: Maksim Chernyshev / Scopio

Since the product owner and the scrum master do not interact, it is a priority that there must be a straightforward product backlog for any successful sprint planning and development of a product.

The CSPO training offers you actual examples of explaining the product backlogs and will help you understand how to do it. Hence, you will learn the understructure knowledge about the product owner’s roles and responsibilities. The CSPO certification will train you to become a professional product owner.

Learning from scratch

Unlike some other courses in Scrum, CSPO training does not require or need any prerequisites. It’s a foundation course for people interested in product development using the scrum framework. CSPO will guarantee that you start from the bottom, understand everything from the start, and then build on your knowledge.

Final thoughts

The CSPO training is worth it for you as you get to learn all the scrum concepts and practical skills required to become a Scrum professional, including being a product owner. The CSPO training course will cover everything about the agile Manifesto and its impact on the scrum framework.

Together with this, you also get to have one on ones with the professionals and thus getting an in-depth understanding of a product owner’s roles and responsibilities. The CSPO certification will enhance your knowledge and provide practical experience in handling the development team, clients, or customers.

YouTube: How to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner | Roles of a Certified Scrum Product Owner

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