Wallet Ninja: Credit Card Size Multi-Tool with Style


If you’re like me, you are one of those persons that always likes the idea of having a multipurpose item or gadget around. Let’s face it, these make our life a lot more easier and fun most of the time, so the simple fact that you can use this type of items in order to obtain the best results is simply stunning. The Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool is something I found while scouring Amazon and I have to say that even if it fits the credit card pocket it’s nothing like a credit card.

Instead, it’s one of those tools that can be used for a ton of stuff. What does it offer? It has a bottle opener, a can opener, fruit peeler, a small screwdriver and 4 larger ones, hex head nut and bolts, cell phone stand, but at the same time it has a ruler, nail puller as well as a letter opener and an eyeglass driver.

Honestly, integrating all of these into such a simple product was definitely a challenge but based on my experience with it this product has managed to bring in front some great results. During the day to day life it can really come in handy since you always need a screwdriver or a bottle/can opener. The fact that it even has a ruler is really nice, and the overall multipurpose appeal of this product really brings in front some cool opportunities.

I enjoy the one of a kind attention to detail that they offered to this product, but this would not be any good without actually allowing you to solve day to day issues. Thankfully, Wallet Ninja works with the utmost perfection and it really brings in front new ways to deal with the problems that you can face nowadays.

wallet ninja functions examples overview

I usually resort to a multipurpose tool, but to be honest I found the Wallet Ninja to be very useful in a variety of situation. Its portability is what struck me as odd, because I still fail to realize how well they managed to integrate everything, and I am really happy with the way everything turned out in the end.

The fact that it’s made out of steel definitely offers great durability to the product and they even integrated a lifetime guarantee that the product will not rust, bend or dull which for me does bring in front some amazing opportunities.

At the end of the day, Wallet Ninja is a great invention and something that you can find only by shopping online. I like using multipurpose tools and having one that can fit in my wallet is simply amazing. I recommend you to give this a shot, you will love it!

YouTube: Wallet Ninja- 18 Tools in 1 (International)

Photo credit: Vante, Inc.

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