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Volvo Group Makes A Lot of Things, Except Cars

Everyone has heard of Volvo and is familiar with its products. However, most of the people mistake Volvo Group with the Volvo cars and think that it is the same brand. Well, it’s not.

While the name is mostly associated with the car company, the Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, and construction equipment, as well as marine and industrial engines. It is also a provider of different financial services for the industries that it manufactures for.

Transportation and distribution

Volvo Group’s products are distributing food all over Europe. In fact, 50% of all food in Europe is delivered by Volvo Group trucks. Apart from food, Volvo Group trucks distribute sanitary products, computers, furniture, and clothing, almost everything that people use in daily life.

Volvo Group

The company has six brands of trucks, all intended for a different type of transport. There are heavy, medium, and light-duty trucks. In addition, Volvo Group owns buses that are used for transporting people to airports and other cities.

Construction and development

The construction equipment owned by the company is used for building industrial, sports, and housing facilities. What’s more, Volvo Group is developing public transport solutions for modern cities. Volvo Group construction vehicles are also transporting waste from cities every week.

The company also owns different types of trucks for the cities used for distributing products to stores. Volvo Group aims to develop hybrid and electric vehicles in order to improve the city environment.

From land to sea

Volvo Group vehicles are not present just on the road, but they are present off-road as well. Their vehicles can be found in mines or forests. Many companies use Volvo Group’s industrial equipment to mine iron ore, clear forests, or transport tones of stone and rock.

Did you know that Volvo Group produces a number of systems for boats? Yes, the company works on innovations such as Forward Drive, IPS, and Inboard Performance System for making boating more enjoyable and easier. The company’s brand, Volvo Penta, is actually the biggest producer of diesel engines for boats.

Volvo Group

Financial services and insurance

With all the vehicular services that they have, Volvo Group also provides their own financial solutions and insurances that can cater to these different industries. This includes having financial programs and analyzing financial risks, with experts that can understand the clients’ needs because the company is also working on the same industry.

Where are the vehicles?

So where does the Volvo Cars fit in all of this? Unsurprisingly, the automobile division was part of the Volvo Group. However, in 1999, it was sold to the Ford Motor Company, and in 2010, it was acquired by the Chinese multinational automotive company Geely Holding Group. Despite all that, both Volvo Group and Volvo Cars still share the same Volvo logo. In fact, the two companies also run the Volvo Museum in Sweden.

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