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Speak Your Mind and Share Voice Stories with Speakezee

Social media has become a space for people to express their emotions. Every day, we can communicate with our friends, family, and even strangers through online messaging. Nowadays, we usually talk and share thoughts by chatting because we find it easier to connect that way; we share problems, tell stories, and stay in touch with others despite geological distances.

However, chatting as a means to communicate may sound boring and less interesting, primarily since we are used to this kind of scenario. Typing also seems to be tedious at times, especially when there’s so much to say. Nothing beats hearing someone else’s voice to get more context. Letting people know what we feel is essential, and you can do this in the most meaningful way with Speakezee.

Let people hear your stories

Speakezee is not like any other social media or messaging app because it allows you to post a recording of your voice. Expressing yourself with your voice can really send the message across to those who listen to it.

While Speakezee only allows for 30-second long stories and replies, that is more than enough time to express yourself instead of taking the time to type out a long story and explaining things that get lost because there’s no vocal tone to give more context. You can choose when to share and listen to the messages at your most convenient time. The voice stories also expire in 7 days, making it easy for you to get rid of old messages.

The recording and publishing process is just as easy as a breeze. Just tap the record button, pick a hashtag and mention others if needed, and publish. Aside from that, it offers direct messaging and voice filters. You can also discover other people’s stories and meet new people just like any other social media app. Right now, Speakezee is available only on iOS

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Dušan Petković.

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Leslie Ann Condes
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