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Vac’a’Soup: Awesome Food Machine [Video]

There was a time when invention had no limit. Inventors saw a problem and they solved it with any means possible and it was accepted and cheered for. Many things in home economics were significantly simplified by such inventions. Of course many were discarded later but the important ones stayed. I feel this type of inventions are no longer appreciated in the wide public but why not? They have a certain potential that you can’t deny. Just keep thinking “What if this would really take off?”.

Colin Furze is a plumber, stuntman, inventor, filmmaker, and YouTuber from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. In this video we are featuring today, he takes a modern society issue of people not having enough time to prepare meals anymore, and builds an awesome solution to fix that. Granted, the Vac’a’Soup looks like a monster. But it does the job it was designed for and again I can’t stop to think “What if this thing became a common kitchen application for real?”. Maybe it just needs some adjustments and maybe in the future you’ll find this in every kitchen. Awesome spirit and awesome idea, Colin! Keep up the great work!

YouTube: Furze’s Invention Show – Vac’a’Soup

Photo credit: Colin Furze

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