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People use their smartphones and tablets to bet on their favorite sports daily. Most bookmakers know that the majority of their users don’t have enough time to take advantage of the desktop platform, which is why they pay significantly more attention to their applications.

The vast majority of sports betting applications for Android and iOS offer the same services, which means you need to have a lot of iGaming experience to spot the differences. Most people reading this article probably haven’t used their mobile phones/tablets for betting before, so let’s check out some intriguing facts about the different sports betting apps.

The sports betting apps offer the same odds and markets found on the desktop site

Even though there might be some differences in the bonuses and features, the mobile apps and the desktop websites offer the same things regarding markets and odds. So, once you go to Silentbet to see the best sports betting apps you could find online, don’t be surprised that they offer the same things you will find using the operator’s desktop platforms.

Of course, it is possible to come across online bookies whose mobile apps and desktop platforms have some differences in the odds and markets. Usually, bookies do this on purpose so that they can attract more mobile punters.

Some of the sports betting applications are paid

Even though almost all betting applications for Android and iOS can be downloaded and installed for free, there are exceptions. Some punters will notice that iGaming platforms require you to pay a small fee to get their apps. Sadly, this won’t provide you with any benefits, not even a special mobile bonus.

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Unless these operators provide their mobile clients with some kind of advantage, they probably won’t survive in the iGaming industry for long. After all, most people probably won’t want to pay for a gambling app when they can get hundreds of alternatives for free.

In some cases, the sports betting apps won’t work on your handheld device

In order to make their mobile betting applications more exclusive, some bookmakers won’t allow you to download and install them on every smartphone or tablet. Even though Silentbet’s list with the best sports betting apps for Android and iOS does not include platforms that will only work if you have a particular smartphone, you can often find mobile apps that require you to have a powerful processor and GPU.

Some of these apps are impressive because they offer way better graphics than others. Yet, most of them are the same, which means that online bookmakers simply want to make them look more special.

Some sports events might only be accessible by people who have the app for Android and iOS

Despite the fact that most sports betting operators will allow you to access all of the things they offer regardless of which device you’re using, there are bookies that require you to have an app for Android and iOS to wager on some events. That’s why it is advisable to read the terms and conditions before you start wagering.

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