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Use AI to Learn Spanish with Jumpspeak

Moving to a Spanish-speaking country? Unless you’ve been actively learning the language for quite some time and practicing it with native speakers, chances are that you’ll struggle with the day-to-day life of immersion into a foreign language and culture.

It would be unfair to expect the locals to speak English, so you’d have to pick up at least some spoken Spanish to be able to carry a conversation, negotiate better lease conditions, or simply buy something from a fruteria. Plus, not everyone will be used to your accent.

Aside from that, many of us have been in a situation where we learn a language with textbooks or apps, but when faced with a native speaker, our minds just go blank because we’re nervous. And that’s where the AI solution Jumpspeak comes in.


Vamos a Hablar Español

USA-based company Rype, Inc. is Jumpspeak’s parent company. Described as “language immersion 24/7, on-demand”, the app is offering is a subscription service that teaches the user to speak Spanish confidently with the use of AI tools.

The focus of Jumpspeak is everyday oral conversations rather than spelling or strange sentences Duolingo is well-known for throwing at users. App users use their voice and say the words and sentences out loud rather than their fingers to type words. The conversations are similar to those users would have in real life like with native-speaker colleagues, friends, or even strangers.

The wide range of lessons on Jumpspeak, combined with the immersive experience of dialogues and instant feedback, is what helps the student get a speaking experience resembling that of chatting to a real person. Absolute beginners can use it. There are four “How much Spanish do you know?” modes offered to the user at the first launch: “None”, “Basics”, “Some” and “Mucho!”.

Lo intenté*

As I speak Spanish quite well, I chose the “Some” mode when testing the Jumpspeak app. I was offered a lesson about my friend being late to the airport. I could follow most of the conversation, and at the end, the app offered to review some of my answers and gave me percentages of how well I’ve done on each one.

Spanish is currently the only language on offer, but according to Jumpspeak’s website, they’re planning to offer English, French, and German in the future. The app works on iOS and Android. There’s a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee on offer, and the subscription costs $99 per year.

YouTube: Meet Jumpspeak

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*translation: I tried.

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