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Clever USB Adapter Turns Cables into Reversible Connections

When I started researching this tiny USB adapter, I read that on average we waste 30 minutes each year fiddling with our USB plugs. I usually plug mine in the wrong way at first, but I’ve never thought it was a hassle to flip it around. I suppose we could look at the little fork indicator on the plug itself, but who does that? This ryo USB adapter aims to solve that problem. Think of it as a useful little lifehack.

This USB adapter is an itty-bitty gadget that will ensure that you plug it in correctly every time. It basically provides a reversible connection, so no matter how you plug in your USB, it will fit nicely. Aside from eliminating any frustration you may have surrounding this first world problem, it will also protect your expensive computer equipment.


When I first read about this, I thought it sounded kind of silly, but now I want one. I don’t like scratching up my computers when I am rushed and try to jam my USB plugs in the wrong way. It makes sense that they should work correctly every time. The ryo USB adapter will work on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, gaming mice, portable hard drives and more.

The best part is that it’s so inexpensive. The ryo team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. They were seeking $15,000, and at the time I’m writing this, they’ve almost doubled their goal. During their Kickstarter special, you can receive a 3-pack of ryo USB adapters for only $15.


I’ve heard of other reversible USB cables before. On their Kickstarter page, ryo explains how their adapter is different:

There are tons of issues with faulty cables that are slow, have poor connections or even damage your device. The ryo adapter turns any of your existing cables into a reversible connection. The ryo adapter came about because we didn’t want to have to replace our cables from the manufacturers. We wanted a permanent upgrade that offered both functionality and peace of mind without having to fork out a couple of hours’ pay.

Yep, I gotta get a pack of these.



YouTube: Ryo Adapter – NEVER plug in your USB the wrong way again! (by ryo tech)

Source: Yanko Design
Photo credit: ryo / Cyril Hanquez

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