How to Upload Multiple Images to Pinterest at Once?


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Update: 8th of July 2021 – Kindly note that the Bulk Pinner solution seems currently unavailable. We will update this article once a new solution has been published.

Today, Pinterest is much more than a fun website for browsing cute cats and cupcakes. A lot of entrepreneurs use it for engaging with potential customers and partners. However, it does take up valuable time to upload the newest additions to a business’ range, even with the browser button. Fortunately, the Bulk Pinner app can help with that. And it doesn’t cost a thing.

What is Bulk Pinner?

Created last year by a GitHub user denno020, the open-source app allows you to upload several pins to your Pinterest boards at once. It’s free to use, and there’s no need to create an account – only to permit access to your current Pinterest account. Once you do that, your boards are synced automatically, and you can choose a board to which you want to pin. Below the article, you can find a demo and comparison video for more insight.

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You can upload however many pics you want, but how quickly they’d go live would depend on your Internet speed. As soon as Bulk Pinner processes them, however, they would be visible to your subscribers.

If you’re looking for a good way of creating pins, you should definitely have a look at the Adobe Spark pin maker for the creative process in one toolbox. This is not only for companies and for influencers either. You can start on a free tier of the service with no strings attached.

Why Bulk Pinner?

Using Bulk Pinner, if you’re a business owner active on Pinterest, would significantly reduce your marketing time and allow you to increase your engagement levels instantly. The more pins you have, the higher chances you have on getting noticed by your followers and in “More Pins Like This.” Since the app is free to use, it’ll also help you save on your costs. The user experience of the app’s interface is easy to navigate – in fact, the only part of the process that takes a bit of time is adding notes and links under each photo. Those are mandatory for the pins to upload to your account.

How to use the bulk function to upload multiple images to Pinterest

Here are the three simple steps to use the Bulk Pinner app in order to upload multiple image files to Pinterest at once.

1. Log in with your Pinterest account

Log in and authorize Bulk Pinner to upload to your Pinterest account.

2. Choose the right images

Click on “Choose Images” and select all the photos you want to bulk-upload.

3. Select the right boards and add descriptions

Select the right boards and add descriptions if you like, then “pin” them.

Usage of instruments like Bulk Pinner can be invaluable for any business hoping to succeed in the e-commerce world – stay tuned for more overviews of such tools!

YouTube: Bulk Pinner Comparison

Photo credit: The feature image has been provided by Pinterest for press usage. The screenshots used in the guide are taken directly from the Bulk Pinner app website and are owned by denno020.
Editorial notice: This article has been created with the help of site supporters.

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