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Understand Clients Better and Improve Sales Strategies with Xtatio

You often wonder how they truly feel about your service for someone who deals with people every day for work. Good thing there is an app that gives you just that. Xtatio is a mobile application that provides customer feedback in a jiffy.

Xtatio gives you a deeper understanding of your customers’ preferences. The app helps you adjust your sales strategies for better customer satisfaction to eventually close more deals in the future.

Every meeting counts

After meeting with a client, you can select a form in the Xtatio app that matches the type of meeting you just had. From here, you can ask the client to provide feedback on your sales performance and customer service and send them a personalized link via text or any other messaging app.

Once your client receives the link, they can easily answer the survey in less than a minute. Xtatio’s algorithm will then convert your client’s insights and generate results of your sales stage and competency instantly.

Having all these data gives a clear and accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses. Being knowledgeable about these can help you enhance what the clients want and work on the skills that need improvement.

Helping you succeed

If that is not enough, Xtatio also provides 1-on-1 monthly coaching sessions with their certified coaches, depending on a sales representative’s needs. They also provide a wide selection of sales training to help sales representatives grow into their roles.

Feedback is an essential part of learning which leads to success. This benefits not just for the individual sales reps but also for the entire department and the company as a whole. Although every client is different, knowing what generally works and not would help one have a better rapport with their clients, increase their sales, and be on top of their game. The Xtatio app is available on Android and iOS.

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