5 Reasons Why Every Gamer Should Try ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’


Modern gamers are blessed to witness a stream of countless releases of great titles. It is absolutely impossible to play everything — and the downside of this is the risk of missing masterpieces.

Quite often, gamers are concentrated on their favorite genre or on the games released for their favorite platform. Ok, people, let me say one thing: Look at the busy schedule of your gaming plans and find a window for launching Dragon Ball FighterZ and playing it at least for a few hours. The game is brilliant. Soon, it might get buried under the pile of new releases, and you totally should treat yourself to this experience. Why? Well, that’s the point of this whole article.

1. The story is pretty cool and fun — even if you are not into the Dragon Ball franchise.

I personally started playing DBFZ after watching a couple of dozen episodes of the original anime. Dragon Ball Z is the second series, and the game is based on it. It was rather a mystery for me. I did not know many of those characters and their relationships. Still, I enjoyed the story a lot. I think it would be the case even with no experience with the Dragon Ball anime at all.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Screenshot Fight Tien Yamcha
Image: Bandai Namco

Many people play games mostly for stories. We certainly have different preferences here. Someone loves dark worlds with gloomy plots. And someone prefers cheerful adventures. The story of Dragon Ball FighterZ is just interesting to experience. It has evil clones, overpowered villains, brave heroes, and… Oh, I’ll better stop here not to spoil anything. Creators of Dragon Ball have coined a unique plot for this game. You’ll find here even a new character — Android 21.

2. It’s a perfectly accessible fighting game.

One of the issues with this genre is the depth of fighting mechanics. To please the community of dedicated fans, the developers should bring many tricky options to their products — special moves with difficult input, impressive strings, and combos that require precise timing. But what about the “army” of all the other gamers who don’t plan to enter the competitive scene and just want to have fun playing?

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is a very accessible game. You grab a controller, complete a couple of tutorials of the story mode, and you already enjoy those fights. DBFZ is an excellent first step for those who are interested in trying out the fighting games genre. Who knows where this journey might lead you…

3. The game has deep fighting mechanics.

Yeah, it might seem that my points 2 and 3 contradict each other. They do not. And it’s the brilliance of DBFZ. This fighting game is both accessible and deep. It’s enjoyable for beginners, but when you are ready to move further, you’ll find the whole world of professional fighting.

You’ll start improving your skills and getting higher DBFZ ranks. You’ll start learning very difficult tricks — and getting rewards of sweet victories. You will discover the magic of esports tournaments with breathtaking miracles by pro players. And you might even participate in Dragon Ball FighterZ events yourself. It’s a wonderful feeling to learn a fighting game and see how far you can go in this process.

4. Multiplayer community is awesome

You need time to reach the multiplayer level of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Play the story first. Improve your skills in the Arcade. And then enter the wild area of multiplayer fights. Any fighting game proves its real fun in matches against other human beings. When you enter this community, you start feeling the whole game on a new level. It’s one of the best features of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Screenshot Fight Cell Android 17 Android 18
Image: Bandai Namco

Not all multiplayer games are the same. Some communities are pretty toxic, and you should have a strong emotional defense against such behavior. DBFZ guys are mostly friendly. If you have experience within other communities (even of some other fighting games, such as MK), you might be surprised by the atmosphere created by Dragon Ball FighterZ players.

5. A Great Opportunity to Develop General Gaming Skills

Not so many gamers play one game only or even one genre only. But skills they develop while playing something help them be more effective in all other virtual adventures. Dragon Ball FighterZ is super fast-paced. To succeed here, you should be especially attentive and have an exceptionally fast reaction. Consistency of training and the ability to “read” future actions of your opponent — these and other skills are very valuable in gaming beyond fighting.

When you give DBFZ a chance, you become better at so many aspects. Bring your improved self to other games to feel the difference. Apart from these (or any other) reasons, there is one thing to not ignore — Dragon Ball FighterZ is just fun. Don’t sleep on it. If you like fighters, you should try DBFZ. It’s one of the best games of the genre. If you don’t have prior experience in fighters, you also should try DBFZ. It’s one of the best entry points to the fighting Multiverse.

And then — you might become a fan of Dragon Ball or of fighting games. And even if you won’t, even if you will abandon the game after the story, it’s definitely worth your time. Every gamer should give Dragon Ball FighterZ a shot.

YouTube: GO1 vs. Fenritti [Grand Finals] | Red Bull DBFZ World Tour Finals 2020 (Red Bull Gaming)

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Bandai Namco.

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