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Trim: The Chatbot to Assist in Optimizing Your Finances

A lot of us didn’t really get to learn how to handle money until we were able to earn money. Even then, we fumbled in the dark with our finances and learned as we went on. However, things like unwanted paid subscriptions and unpaid debt become missed saving opportunities because of mismanagement of finances.

There are a lot of financial apps that try and help us in keeping track of our finances but some things just fall through the cracks. Fortunately for us, there’s one that can help us achieve our financial goals by assisting in eliminating unnecessary subscriptions, pay off our debt, and potentially reduce our bills. Introducing Trim, the financial assistant.

Trimming Down Expenses

The main goal of Trim as a product and company is to help people become financially healthy. It creates opportunities for its users to save more and spend money wisely with its several features.

One of the main features of Trim is that it can analyze your spending habits so you’ll know where your money goes. It takes a look at your transaction data and helps recognize regular payments made. With this, you can easily identify those subscriptions you’ve made all those years back and never unsubscribed out from because you forgot about it.

Another thing about Trim is that it can potentially negotiate your cable, internet, or phone bill by up to 30%. If you avail of ComCast, Time Warner, or AT&T, you can just connect your account there to Trim. If not, you can always email a bill from your other providers to Trim for a negotiation.

Trim has a Debt Payoff program that assists you in getting out of debt. This program includes a customizable payment plan and having financial experts give you advice. Aside from that, it also has an automated savings account called Trim Simple Savings. This automatically transfers your money weekly to a savings account helps your money grow with a 1.5% bonus. Trim can also assist you in picking out the best credit card for you according to your current credit score.

You’ll need to connect your bank accounts to your Trim account to be able take advantage of its features. If you’re wondering about Trim’s security, don’t worry; it uses Plaid which allows Trim read-only access to your transaction information. Trim also makes use of 256-bit SSL encryption and 2-factor authentication to secure your accounts.

Trim seems to be a step in the right direction towards managing money wisely. It currently is available for free. Try it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

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