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Trello is a very useful tool for organizing numerous tasks and finalizing projects as soon as possible. That is why it is highly reliable when it comes to accomplishing your work and maximizing your productivity. Unfortunately, with Trello’s official Chrome extension delisted last year, this might be a hassle for you, especially when you have multiple assignments to do on your list.

Since the Trello Chrome extension has been delisted by Google, many users have been dismayed due to how useful it was to them. Some were annoyed because a useful feature had been removed without communication. However, there are alternative options to still manage your tasks.

What are the alternative options?

There were no immediate plans to relist Trello’s Chrome extension due to the mismatch in the roadmap and prioritization of the Trello team. Gladly, there are other ways where you can still boost your productivity by using Trello.

Add Card

Using the Add Card feature can represent various software properties, such as prospective article ideas, legal cases, store purchases, clients for freelancing work, job candidates, or customer service concerns.

Quick Cards for Trello

If you want to save time in searching for things and creating cards in Trello, Quick Cards for Trello is the best extension for you. It is a simple and effortless extension to navigate. You can attach a link to a browser tab that you are using, put a name on it, and add other smart descriptions.

Search your boards

If you want to search for a particular board, you can simply go to the Trello website and log in. Once you’re on your dashboard, just press “b,” and it will pop up a search bar where you can type in your board.

Add a shortcut key

You can also customize your shortcut key in Chrome by adding Trello to the list of websites with shortcuts. You can right-click on your Google Chrome address bar and pick Manage Search Engines and Site Search. From there, scroll down to the Site Search section, where you can add Trello as a site. You can choose what letter you want out for this. After that, you can use your Chrome address bar by typing in your shortcut key and pressing enter to search for your boards.

Image: Danielle Ordonez / TechAcute

What’s happening now?

Apparently, Trello’s Chrome Extension is not available because it needed some changes and updates. Unfortunately, the head of Trello stated that there are not enough resources to put it back up in the extension. Moreover, there is no clear information on when it will be enlisted again.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Christina Morillo. The screenshot on the body of the article has been taken by Danielle Ordonez for TechAcute.

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Pauline Nicole Sael
Pauline Nicole Sael
Tech Journalist
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