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Travel through Time and Meet Your Future Self

If you could have asked yourself in 2005 what your life would be like in 2015, would you have been surprised at the answer? What if you learned you’d become a Twitter addict, but at the time, Twitter didn’t exist? Wouldn’t that be freaky? What if you learned that you’d developed a British accent? Would that surprise you?

Now you can take a ride through time to year 2034. You can see what you will look like and even talk to your future self. You can ask yourself what it feels like to be you, in about 20 years from now.

It’s all part of a psychedelic ad campaign designed to intrigue you, and allow you to blur the line between the present and the future. This is more than just a fun computer game, it actually lets you render the situation live, in real time. This campaign was created by Orange (in collaboration with Jam3).

According to Discovery News:

Creating a future version of myself only took a minute or so, but the software involved seems pretty complicated. It involves the camera and mic on your laptop. After the camera on your screen grabs a photo of you, motion-capture and 3D rendering software produce and older version of you.

Try it firsthand by clicking over to Future Self.


The folks over at Gizmodo tried it out too, and their assessment is that it works better for men than women. In other words, the future self created looks more similar and realistic for men’s faces.


I’m looking forward to trying this myself. There’s definitely something freaky about asking my future self questions about my future life. Do I really want to know what my life will be like in year 2034? Of course, all the answers provided are all pre-entered, so it’s not like that part is personalized.

I would like to know what I look like in 20 years though. Will I be a cyborg by then? Will seeing the wrinkles on the face of the ‘future me’ remind me to wear sunblock now? It’s all very mind-twisting, and I love it!

Source: Discovery News / Gizmodo
Photo credit: Discovery News / Gizmodo / Duchess Flux

YouTube: Orange #futureself – Demo of the experience (by Publicis Conseil)

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