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TRAQ by Alegria: Smart Shoes That Track Your Activity

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or are just trying to get that beach bod, you might have a range of apps or devices at your disposal helping you in your quest. You might be using activity trackers, pedometers, whatnot, and of course, you have the most comfortable shoes (your) money can buy.

But imagine if you could combine those two. Imagine if you could have a gorgeous pair of comfy shoes equipped with a pedometer and tracking app. You think this idea is too out-there to be possible in our lifetime? Check again.

TRAQ: Be fit in a range of designs and colors

A US-based company Alegria Shoes has brought us their newest design. It’s called TRAQ, and it comes in several styles: Qin, Qwik, Qutie, Qarma, and Qest. Each of them come in several colors and patterns to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.


Wear your sleek leather Qin shoes when you hit the town or on any other occasion. Slip into the Qwik shoes to be comfortable all day, fashionable in the Dream Knit exterior.

If you really want to shine in your Traq shoes, then Qutie is the right choice for you. A perfect blend of comfort and practicality, you can match the Qutie with any outfit to ensure you look and feel your best.


The Qarma shoe looks like your typical running shoe, except in the Qarma, you run, and you keep track of your activities. And last, but not the least important, the Qest is a lightweight lace-up shoe that gives you that sporty look combined with comfort and TRAQ technology.

Another thing to remember is that Alegria TRAQ shoes come with the slip resistant outsole and removable footbed.

The technology behind TRAQ

This is Alegria’s first smart shoe, equipped with a Q-chip (hence the name) embedded right into the shoe itself. The smart Q-Chip accurately counts every step you take. You just need to connect it to the Alegria TRAQ smartphone app and you’re all set. You can adjust your personalized goals and the app will help you achieve them by comparing your daily, weekly, and monthly walking or running activity.

The Alegria TRAQ app also has social networking features. You can create and join a group with your family, friends, or co-workers, and therefore you can all encourage each other on the path toward wellness.

According to their Facebook and Instagram pages, once their sale begins, you will be able to get your very own pair of Alegria TRAQ shoes starting at just $99.

YouTube: Get on TRAQ!


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