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The Transparent iPhone: New Apple Patent


With its creative inventions, Apple Inc. has come a long way. Another feather to its glorious cap has been added newly when US patent and trademark office recently announced 36 new patents granted to Apple’s iPhone. The optically transparent wrap around of this iPhone uses virtual buttons for its volume control. Well, this certainly appears quite chic and user-friendly as it not only replaces the good old physical buttons but also gives that elegant look.

Understanding the future transparent iPhone

The wraparound optical display mentioned above may be flexible with second display assembly. According to the details, this second assembly will present the visual content. The display may also be AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) which means it will have faster refresh rates when compared to Passive Matrix OLED. What more?! They also consume less power.

The virtual buttons provide expanded functions such as its volume controls. The actual volume control can be seen anytime and you can change the volume controls by holding a finger on the controls. When you are done with the adjustments, you can simply release the control and it’ll return to its original size. The “hold” button has also been amended by multi touch mechanism of locking and unlocking of hold button.

Apple’s future iPhone will also have increased display area for icons, images, data or video. The patent also states that this device acts as a portable communication device like smart phone. One other feature of this iPhone may also be that it will contain multiple cameras and use facial recognition. This will ensure the visual adjustments of the present content.

For further details you can also check a related article at Patently Apple or review the original report published in March 2013. The patent was initially filed in third quarter of 2011 under Scott Myers as its inventor.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Are you craving for such a technology master piece or would you rather not have apple pursue this path of product design? I’m keen to hear your opinion. Just drop a comment below!


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