Are the TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds Any Good? [Review]


As the first notes of Smokin’ by Boston stream through my TOZO Golden X1 earbuds, I find myself involuntarily tapping my foot to the rhythm. It’s hard not to be swept away by the music when it’s being delivered so crisply and clearly. This immersive experience is brought to you by TOZO’s Golden X1 earbuds, a mid-range offering in the wireless audio market that is attempting to make a mark in the highly competitive field of wireless earbuds.

TOZO Golden X1 review

TOZO was kind enough to send us a pair of the Golden X1 earbuds so we can test these ourselves and here we want to present you our findings and our review. Thank you, TOZO!

The sound quality: An impressive performance

One of the standout features of the Golden X1 earbuds is their sound quality. Equipped with a combination of a 12mm dynamic driver as well as a customized Knowles balanced armature driver, they deliver an impressively balanced and clean sound signature. The bass delivery is particularly noteworthy, offering a robust and resonant response that doesn’t distort even at higher volumes. If you’re a fan of powerful bass lines in your music, the Golden X1 earbuds are up to the task.

I went for some tests from my Hardcore Techno test pool and it was glorious. They handle a wide range of frequencies effectively, providing clear and crisp highs, well-defined mids, and deep lows. There is also a smartphone app that helps you configure a lot of details but you don’t necessarily have to use it – even without the app, they run just fine via Bluetooth on a regular smartphone.

Haptic feedback: Comfort that lasts

In terms of comfort and fit, the Golden X1 earbuds are a winner and much more comfortable to wear than other earbuds of this kind that I tried before as well as some larger headphones. It might not be a particular advantage of the Golden X1, but it’s worth noting that this kind of design is much better to wear for people who also wear glasses than traditional headphones.  Despite their slightly unusual shape, they fit comfortably in the ear, ensuring a secure fit whether you’re working out, commuting, or just grooving in your chair to some classic rock.

TOZO Golden X1 Charging Box Closed
Image: Christopher Isak, TechAcute

The design is ergonomic and the buds sit snugly in the ear without causing discomfort even after prolonged use. Beyond that, they come with a large set of exchangeable inserts, so you can swap a bigger out for a smaller tip, to suit your ears better – I had to change for a smaller one for example, maybe my ear is slightly smaller than average, so it’s great that they are all included already and you can choose what fits your ears best.

Comparing with other earbuds

When compared to other earbuds in the same price range, the Golden X1 holds its ground remarkably well. Their sound quality, comfort, and design are all competitive, if not superior, to many of their counterparts. In particular, their performance when compared to high-end products like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds is impressive. Also, something worth noting is that in the whole time of testing the Bluetooth connection was not lost even one time so there is quite a good reliability to be expected without interruptions to your calls or music sessions.

While the Galaxy Buds are lighter, they don’t quite match up to the Golden X1 in terms of sound quality. The robust bass and clear treble delivered by the Golden X1 provide a richer, fuller listening experience. The battery life of the Golden X1 is also superior, offering up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, with an additional 32 hours provided by the charging case. With 500 mAh this means a lot more playback time than many other contenders offer right now.

Design and functionality: Sleek and sturdy

The Golden X1 earbuds come housed in a sleek, black-gold-colored charging box. The box is compact and sturdy, making it easy to carry around in your pocket or bag. It protects the earbuds well and can easily withstand minor falls without any damage (tested ok, accidentally). As you open the box it will show you a battery indicator for each of the buds as well as the battery condition of the box itself as a percentage figure, all lit up in LED, so you could easily see that as well in the dark.

TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds and Chaging Box Open
Image: Christopher Isak, TechAcute

The charging box offers multiple charging options. You can use a USB-C cable for wired charging or place it on a wireless-compatible charging pad for wireless charging. The convenience of having multiple charging options adds to the overall user-friendly experience offered by the Golden X1. I found that I could get very far by using a wireless-supporting power bank as well as my smartphone that can charge up the box.

It’s not a unique aspect for the TOZO Golden X1 earbuds but I found that using earbuds in general is huge fun when traveling with your spouse or friends, so you can share the earbuds and have at least the same music in one ear per person. Again, nothing that only this particular product enables, but if you’re deciding between earbuds and other types of headphones, you might want to consider this in the equation if you like to share your jam with others.

Need some TOZO Golden X1 tech specs?

I know what you’re looking for and without much talk, here goes the hard facts as told by TOZO.

  • Hybrid Dynamic Driver & Balanced Armature Driver
  • Balanced Armature Driver & Hi-Res Audio
  • LDAC HD Audio-decoding
  • OrigX Pro High-Quality Sound
  • Environment And Active Noise Cancellation
  • Charging Compatibility & LED Digital Display
  • Support TOZO APP & 16 Preset EQ Modes
  • Ergonomic Design & Long Distance Connection


  • Type: In-ear True Wireless
  • Model: X1

Audio quality

  • Driver: φ12 mm dynamic driver + Knowles balanced armature driver
  • Frequency response range: 12Hz (that’s rare, actually) – 44.1kHz
  • Audio codec: LDAC / AAC / SBC

Noise cancellation

  • Noise control modes: Noise Cancellation / Leisure Mode / Custom Pattern / Reduce Wind Noise / Transparency Mode / Noise Cancellation Off
  • Call Noise Cancellation: Triple-Microphone with ENC Call Noise Reduction

Battery Life

  • Battery capacity: 55mAh (earphones) / 500mAh (charging case)
  • Music play time (AAC, Default setting, 50% volume): Max Noise Cancellation allows for 5h (single charge) / Noise Cancellation Off allows for 8h (single charge)


  • Cable Charge Time: 2h (earphones) / 2h (charging case)
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Charging input (charging case): 5V⎓500mA(USB-C)/5V⎓400mA(wireless charging)
  • Charging output (charging case): 5V⎓50mA*2
  • Charging input (earphones): 5V⎓50mA
  • Wireless charger: Qi wireless charging supported

Water resistance

  • Water resistance – earphone: IPX6


  • Version: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Effective Bluetooth range: 10m

Weight and Dimensions

  • Weight (each ear): 5.8g(±0.2g)
  • Weight (charging case): 43g(±1g)
  • Weight (entire device): 54.6g(±1g)
  • Dimensions of charging case: 69.9*34.2*38.2mm

Final thoughts about this review: TOZO Golden X1 – A worthy contender

In conclusion, the TOZO Golden X1 wireless earbuds offer substantial value for their price – being $149.99 currently on Amazon as I write this. They provide a comfortable fit, excellent sound quality, and an appealing design, all at a reasonable price point. When compared to high-end earbuds like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, the Golden X1 not only holds its own but even surpasses them in some areas like sound quality and battery life.

For those seeking a mid-range pair of wireless earbuds with premium features, the Golden X1 earbuds are a worthy contender that will not disappoint. Of course, it’s best to first try out AV equipment but if you can’t I’m relatively confident to recommend the TOZO Golden X1 to you as a solid choice. If I find anything negative later on, I will update the article accordingly but until now it’s all good.

YouTube: TOZO Golden X1 Wireless Earbuds Unboxing & Review (from the TOZO channel)

Photo credit: All images shown were taken by Christopher Isak for TechAcute.
Editorial notice: We received a free sample to test the TOZO Golden X1 earbuds but we were not paid for this review.

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