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Toyota Uses Docomo 5G to Control the T-HR3 Humanoid Robot

5G has enabled another immense breakthrough in the world of technology. We’re talking about Toyota’s third generation humanoid robot called T-HR3. First revealed exactly one year before its successful demonstration, T-HR3 was developed by Toyota’s Partner Robot Division. Their aim was to change the world for the better or at least contribute to it.

What is T-HR3 exactly?

T-HR3 is the result of Toyota’s research on advancing technologies to meet people’s various mobility needs. An evolution from previous generation instrument-playing robots, T-HR3 is Toyota’s latest robotics platform can assist people in various settings. These places include their homes, hospitals, and clinics, constructions sites, disaster-stricken areas, etc.

To control T-HR3, Toyota has developed a Master Maneuvering System. It allows remote controlled operation (telepresence) of the robot using wearable controls that map hand, arm, and foot movements to the robot. Along with a head-mounted display allowing the user to see from the robot’s perspective, T-HR3 also uses Self-interference Prevention Technology to ensure the robot and user do not interfere with each other’s movements.

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The Master Maneuvering System operates with the help of Torque Servo Modules, which refers to the motor, reduction gears and torque sensors connected to each joint. The modules communicate the user’s movements directly onto T-HR3’s 29 body parts and the Master Maneuvering System’s 16 master control systems.

Successful testing via 5G

In November 2018, Toyota and DOCOMO announced a successful test of T-HR3 using fifth-generation mobile communications (5G). They conducted it under a test environment, controlling the robot from a distance of approximately 10 kilometers using 5G in an area between two points. The low-latency 5G communication technology that helps control the robot is the product of DOCOMO, Japan’s leading mobile operator and the world’s foremost contributors to 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile network technologies.

Toyota and DOCOMO plan to continue conducting tests in various scenarios for the robot’s use. Their mission is to develop technologies and services with the aim of realizing 5G services in 2020. Their ultimate goal? Contributing to a prosperous society of mobility.

YouTube: Toyota + Docomo Work on 5G Robot Controller

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