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‘To The Rescue!’ Simulates Helping Dogs Find a Home

There’s a saying that dogs are “man’s best friend”, so there’s no doubt why we have so many video games that involve these beautiful pets. One example is B.ARK, a game that features cute dogs flying in spaceships and fighting against robots.

What if you had the chance to take care of dogs in need of homes virtually? A new game called To The Rescue! will allow you to do that. This is a beautiful dog shelter simulator, a game that will be released for PC and Mac on Steam and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2021.

To The Rescue
Image: Little Rock Games

Sheltering dogs in need

Little Rock Games is an independent game studio that creates impressive games which make a difference. To The Rescue! is the studio’s newest game that revolves around a virtual dog shelter where you have to take care of dogs and fulfill their needs.

In the shelter, you’ll be responsible for taking care of plenty of dogs that need homes. But, you won’t be just cuddling and having fun – running a shelter can require a lot of work. Every dog in To The Rescue! is unique and comes with its own traits and preferences. Your job is to provide proper food, water, and shelter to every dog, as well as to keep them happy and clean. There are 28 different breed variants, so you’ll have a lot of work.

When you play To The Rescue!, you’ll have new challenges and rewards each day. Since every dog has unique preferences, it can get diseases or negative traits. What’s more, as this is a shelter, the number of dogs will increase, and there’s never enough room. You’ll have to hold fundraisers and get donations to achieve someone find their new best friend. Furthermore, this game has many minigames that will help you make the dogs happy, speed up baths, and ensure that your dogs are well taken care of.


Make a difference to manage the shelter

In To The Rescue!, the virtual dog shelter runs on adoptions and donations, so there are different ways to spend the money. Managing the shelter means that you’ll have to manage your budget to pay for food, vaccines, and other similar expenses for dogs. Sometimes, diseases can spread, so you’ll have to make some tough decisions. In case you have a huge number of dogs, you can upgrade your shelter and make it as comfortable as possible.

Remember, the main part of running a shelter is to help the dogs find homes. Therefore, one of your responsibilities will be to match the dogs’ traits with visitors and increase their chances of being adopted. Your shelter will be your community, so you’ll be able to host events, educate and promote, and ensure that your dogs are safe and happy.

To The Rescue
Image: Little Rock Games

Supporting shelters in real life

One of the best things about To The Rescue! is that 20% of Little Rock Games’ profits from sales will be donated to a charity that benefits shelters across the United States. This means that you’ll contribute to real-life shelters when you play and help them find homes for all dogs.

To The Rescue! was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in September 2019. Now, the game is on its way to becoming available to all interested players, and it’s expected that the game will be launched in fall 2021. If you want to get involved, you can add To The Rescue! to your Steam Wishlist and keep up with the latest news.

YouTube: To The Rescue – The Dog Shelter Simulation Game (Trailer)

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