B.ARK: Fight Enemies In Space with Animal Pilots


Tic Toc Games is an independent game studio from California founded in 2011. Since then, they built a huge portfolio of games, some of which became very popular among players and earned awards for their innovation.

Today, Tic Toc Games is a full-service video game developer with artists, designers, programmers, and managers who have created plenty of interesting games. Their latest game to date is a multiplayer game involving animals fighting in space called B.ARK which was announced last March.

Animal pilots to save the world

B.ARK, or Bio-Interstellar Ark, is a new video game from Tic Toc Games that features cute animals flying in spaceships to fight against an army of robots. Here, players can choose to play with one of the four animals that come with unique spaceships and playstyle: Barker the Dog, Felicity the Cat, Lucio the Bear, and Marv the Rabbit.


The game allows up to four players to play together as a team and combine their character’s special features to fight against the fish-themed enemies. These enemies are known as the Dark Tide which has taken over the Earth and plans to expand its fleet into space. Your job is to attack them and defend the solar system. The game has a total of 20 levels that the B.ARK team needs to fight their way through to take back their home.

Gameplay and features

The key to defeating enemies in B.ARK is communication with your team. It’s better if you play B.ARK with your family or friends to coordinate properly while shooting enemies in space. During the gameplay, you’ll be unlocking new paths, rescuing your friends, customizing your spaceship, and syncing your abilities.

Apart from that, B.ARK has three main features consisting of the following:

  • Team up and create unique attacks – team up with family or friends in-game to create unique super attacks through which you’ll easily defeat the enemies;
  • Explore the solar system – Enjoy the fully hand-drawn and hand-animated world of B.ARK which also includes colorful characters, making the game eye-catching;
  • Unique characters – Each character has their own story and special attacks that fit their personality. Learn more about the pilot you’re playing with, to know how to use each of their abilities.


B.ARK looks very interesting and promising but we’ll have to wait for a bit more as it is slated for a release later this year for the Nintendo Switch. While waiting, you can subscribe to B.ARK’s newsletter and be up-to-date with the latest news on the game, including details of its release.

YouTube: B.ARK – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Tic Toc Games and have been provided for press usage.

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Simona Boskova
Simona Boskova
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