Tips: How to Have an Attractive Resume


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A resume has become the primary requirement in the job market. Most employees give massive importance to the way a resume is written and structured, as it is a document that summarizes all the skills, achievements, and qualifications the candidate has. In other words, a resume is just like a bit of an ad for yourself because all you need to do is describe yourself in a way that employees would feel that they “need” you. In fact, a good resume is more than stating your skills and qualifications; it requires the right choice of font, size, picture, color, etc.

Online resume maker websites have become very popular nowadays. This article discusses some effective tips to help you build an amazing online resume maker.

Make it easy-to-read

The choice of your resume font is, indeed, extremely important. If you’ve chosen a “beautiful” and “handwriting” resume font, we advise you to change it immediately. This is because any complex font would make the employee reread your resume to understand the words. Usually, this would make them discouraged and tired, and you can get rejected just because of that little nuance.

On the other hand, choosing a simple, easy-to-read font for your resume will not take much time from them. So, before selecting any complicated font, have a thorough look to see if it is readable enough. If you are not sure about that, you can refer to your friends’ comments. Times New Roman, Serif, and Sans Serif are among the fonts considered very readable, so you should consider them.

Choose the right resume font size

The next important part of the resume’s design is the size of the font. Usually, the most accepted size is 10-12, as they are also considered to be readable enough. Because it is advised to keep your resume short (1-2p), having a big font size would not let us do so.

So, you can start with 10 and then change it according to the data you should list. Avoid using below 10, as it will make your resume hard to read.

Don’t add too much

Sometimes you might get too excited about your achievements and skills and put too much information. In fact, your resume is not about your biography. As stated earlier, a resume should be no longer than 1-2 pages and must contain only the most essential information about you.

You should be as concise as possible. For example, instead of writing long sentences, you can wrap them up and make a bullet point.

Highlight the important parts

If you want to emphasize some skill you think will make a difference, you can bold the sentence or write it in Italics instead of using a bullet point. Studies have shown that people first pay attention to the things that are different from the others. Well, take the example of a pink-haired girl sitting between dark-haired girls. You will first look at the one who differs. The same is with the highlighted parts.

Understand how to add quantitative information

Numbers and percentages are also among the signs that can first grab the readers’ attention. If you are talking about a competition you won 3 times, never state the number using words; instead, have it be the number itself.

Pay attention to the heading

No one can neglect the role of headings. These headings are the same in most cases, such as work, language proficiency, etc. However, people tend to make these headings longer than needed in some cases. Try to keep them as concise as possible and style them so that they can be different from the other part of the text. One of the ways of doing so is to make them bigger and bolder.

In a nutshell, a resume is one of the essential documents when applying to any workplace. Without having it, you would not even have a chance to compete with others in most cases.

It is because it is proof to the employee of what you have done in the past, what skills and achievements you have. This article was about the tips that each online resume maker should pay attention to when making the resume, including resume font choice, the size choice of the font, and other details.

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