Tiny Suction Cup Camera Aims to Change Selfies Forever


Selfies account for 90% of all smartphone photography. It’s no wonder there have been dozens of selfie accessories created in recent years. The one I’d like to share with you today is called Podo. The Podo team has earned a lot of press lately since their Kickstarter campaign is running wild at the moment. They were seeking $50,000. At the time I’m writing this (and with 40 days to go), they’ve received over $212,000 in pledges. Perhaps their crowdfunding success is an indication that this selfie accessory is here to stay.

Podo is being called a “stick and shoot camera.” It’s basically a tiny camera with a suction cup (and powerful magnet) incorporated into it, so it will stick almost anywhere. It will allow you to be much more creative with your selfies, and you’ll be able to take them from any angle you’d like. In addition to taking selfies, you’ll also be able to use this cutie to take 720fps videos.

This little gadget also has some other nifty features like a timer, and a button to easily share your pics to your favorite social media sites. It also allows you to make gifs (yay) and even add effects using burst mode, etc. You can see a live preview of your pic first, so you can make any necessary adjustments.


Since you can stick it on any surface, you’ll no longer be limited to the length of your arm when taking selfies. You can actually suction cup your Podo across the room for more selfie flexibility. After you snap the pic, Podo sends it to your phone (iOS or Android) over Bluetooth and saves it to your phone’s gallery. If you are at a special event, you can even set up Podo to take a picture automatically every 10 minutes (or whatever interval you’d like).

This little camera basically removes all the hassle from taking selfies and other everyday pics and videos. I wish the Podo team much continued success as they take over the world of selfies! If you want to learn more about taking good selfies, you can click over to How to Take Selfies You’ll Be Proud to Share.


YouTube: Podo Stick Anywhere Camera (by TechCrunch)

Source: Damn Geeky
Photo credit: Podo

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