The Secret to Boosting Your Instagram Engagement Rate


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Monitoring and improving your engagement rate on Instagram is important to achieve success on social media. A good engagement rate makes your content more visible on Instagram, effectively extending your reach and growing your following. Learn how to boost your Instagram engagement rate.

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  • What Does “Engagement Rate” Mean?
  • Ways To Boost Your Engagement Rate
    • Get More Comments
    • Get Auto Instagram Likes
    • Post Regularly
    • Run Giveaways
  • Wrapping Up: IG Engagement Rates Matter

If you have many followers on Instagram, but they don’t actively engage with your content, you’ll struggle to organically grow your Instagram account much further. Accounts with high levels of engagement are more visible on Instagram. As a result, they attract more followers and further increase their engagement rates. It was reported that during 2022, Instagram users spent an average of 12 hours a month on the platform.

That’s a lot of valuable time during which users could potentially engage with your content. It’s important that you optimize your Instagram profile and regularly post high-quality and valuable content to attract users to engage with your account. If your Instagram engagement rate is low, what can you do to improve it? There are various ways to increase engagement with your content. In this article, we’ll let you in on the secret to boosting your Instagram engagement rate.

What does “engagement rate” mean?

Generally, “engagement rate” refers to the percentage of how many of your followers have interacted with an individual post or your content as a whole on your Instagram account. However, engagement rates can also be measured in relation to your reach or impressions. Your engagement rate helps you keep track of audience interest, brand relevance, and social authority. What measure you use depends on your goal.

A brand or business is concerned with brand exposure, thus measuring engagement against impressions or reach. Influencers are concerned about how engaged their followers are and measure engagement against their number of followers. Engagement rates consider interaction metrics such as likes, click-throughs, comments, DMs, mentions, shares, and views on the content.

Your engagement rate helps you evaluate how interested your followers and users are in your content and what content they connect with. Keep in mind that your engagement rate is usually higher if you have fewer followers when calculating engagement rate against the measure of followers. The formula to calculate your engagement rate is:

Engagement rate = (Interactions / Total Followers or Post Impressions or Reach) x 100

Here’s an example to help you understand how the engagement rate is calculated according to the measure of followers:

Influencer A has 10,000 followers, and they post on their Instagram accounts. Their post receives 300 likes, 200 comments, and 50 shares. This amounts to 550 interactions on the post. Using the formula to calculate the engagement rate, their post’s engagement rate is 5.5%.

Influencer A’s Engagement Rate = (550 / 10,000) x 100% = 5.5%

Struggling to calculate your Instagram engagement rate yourself? Use one of the numerous free Instagram engagement rate calculators available online to assist you. There is no specific percentage indicating a “good” engagement rate, as there are many factors to consider. You need to assess what your unique goals are on Instagram and your specific industry to consider what a good engagement rate is for you. Average engagement rates range between 1% and 5%, with rates above 5% considered good.

Ways to boost your engagement rate

It’s essential to actively work on boosting your Instagram engagement rate if you want to be successful on Instagram. Posts that receive a lot of engagement signal the Instagram algorithm to prioritize and promote that content as it’s valuable and appreciated by users. This increased visibility extends your reach on Instagram and helps you to gain more organic followers with even more engagement on your content. For businesses, reaching more potential customers and increasing brand exposure on Instagram is important.

A high engagement rate extends a business’s reach, leading to an increase in conversions and product sales. For influencers, increasing your engagement rate will help you gain more exposure on Instagram and organically grows your following. With more exposure and a large, engaged following, Influencers can receive more brand deals, event invites, and products, and can build a sense of community and brand passion on Instagram.

Three Simple Strategies That Will Help Grow Your Account - Instagram Growth
Image: Three Simple Strategies That Will Help Grow Your Account – Instagram Growth

Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can boost your engagement rate on Instagram:

Get more comments

Increase your engagement rate by getting more comments on your content. Posts with many comments will be more visible on Instagram and will also increase your chance of having your content appear in your followers’ feeds and on Instagram’s “Explore” page. Popular posts will heighten your social proof, and more users will be drawn to comment to join the conversation.

Examples of creative ways to get more comments include:

  • Use a cue sentence in your caption or on an image to draw your followers to comment to finish the sentence. For example, “Sundays are my Fundays because…”
  • Try a “fill in the blank” prompt sentence in your post, such as, “I love __________ about going to a yoga class.”
  • Ask your followers an intriguing question in your post, prompting them to comment with their response, for example, “What are your thoughts on (latest event occurring)?” This often leads to discussions under your post with multiple thread conversations.

Get Auto Instagram Likes

Increase your engagement rate with Instagram automatic likes. Automatic Instagram likes are likes that are received automatically and instantly on your Instagram content and are not received organically. Auto likes for Instagram are used to strategically increase the visibility of your content and grow your following organically by increasing your engagement rate. Automatic Instagram Likes offer a fast and easy way to make your content more popular.

Aside from using automation software and tools online, one of the easiest ways to get auto Instagram likes is to buy Instagram auto likes from a professional and reputable service provider. Ensure that when you buy automatic likes on Instagram, the auto likes are derived from real active user accounts and not from bot accounts. Try mixing it up in terms of the modes to get auto likes and when they are delivered. You don’t want to raise any flags by receiving too many auto likes at one time on your content, as Instagram may block your account for using automation to boost engagement.

If you’re considering the various ways to get auto likes as a method to grow, have a look at Skweezer’s page. You can buy Instagram auto likes from Skweezer’s page. When you buy auto Instagram likes from Skeezer, their service includes detection for new posts on your account, immediately delivering real likes to your content. If you buy automatic Instagram likes from Skweezer, you can trust that the auto likes are delivered strategically and from real active user accounts.

Post regularly

If you post regularly on your account, there is more opportunity for your followers to see your content and to be “reminded” of your account. When your followers see you’re active on Instagram, they are inclined to engage more with your content, increasing your engagement rate.  Knowing how often to post on Instagram is a delicate balancing act. If you don’t post regularly, your posts will be less visible and will be shrouded on your followers’ feeds by more popular content from accounts that post regularly.

If you post too often, you could lose popularity, and be considered a spam account, and many posts will be unseen as they are pushed back by newer posts of yours. It’s not sufficient to post only once a week. Your following won’t grow, and your engagement rate will be low. It’s recommended that you post at least once a day if you can, but not more than 3 posts a day. Use analytics tools and Instagram Insights to determine the most optimal time of the day to post on your account when your followers are most active online.

Run giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to increase engagement with your account. Users love the chance to receive free goods, especially if the prize is worthwhile. Here are some examples of giveaways that you can run on Instagram to increase engagement on your account:

  • For a product-based business, run a “Photo” contest in which you ask users to post photos of themselves consuming or using your products under your giveaway post to enter. This increases engagement and brand awareness, plus you get access to user-generated content.
  • Try a “Caption This” contest where you post a striking image relating to your brand and then call on users to caption the image in the comments section to stand a chance to win. Most captions by users on your giveaway post will be a couple of words long, meaning high-quality comments to boost engagement on your post.
  • “Trivia” contests are always well received. Post a trivia question related to your brand or business with users needing to comment with the correct answer to stand a chance to win the prize. You can even make it a week-long trivia contest. It’s a great way to educate users about your brand or business too.

Wrapping up: IG engagement rates matter

Your Instagram engagement rate really does matter when it comes to how successful you are on the platform. Having a large but unengaged following will fail to organically grow your account further and your content won’t be very visible to users. You should actively work on increasing engagement with your content. Use the methods we’ve discussed above, such as buying Instagram auto likes, to boost your engagement rate. Stay focused on your account and make it an account worthy of engaging with on Instagram.

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