The Internet of Senses: The Technology of the Future


Have you ever dreamed about the day when devices respond to your thoughts without having to press a button? Usually, you’d associate this to sci-fi, but the future shows us otherwise. The ninth edition of the Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) ConsumerLab Hot Consumer Trends report highlights consumer predictions which included the Internet of Senses.

They believe that ten years from now, technology will directly connect to our five senses. The user interface will use the human brain for devices to respond to our thoughts.

Positive changes in today’s society

Dr. Michael Björn, Head of Research Agenda, Ericsson Consumer and IndustryLab stated that “We often imagine the future as a linear development from today. But we already need to consider what opportunities and challenges a world where all human senses are digitalized will bring.” He also adds that “You could go to work, go on vacation, and travel the world, all from your home.”

Dr. Björn also mentioned that this new technology will have a positive impact on climate issues. An example of this is digitizing activities that damage the environment. In doing so, we could also reduce the carbon footprint. This new way of digital sensory technology would help make society more environmentally sustainable.

But he also mentioned the people’s concern about the possibility that corporations might manipulate their senses. These bring into question how their privacy protection would play out in context with the Internet of Senses.

Bringing us closer to the Internet of Senses

Using the human brain as the user interface will make the Internet of Senses experience as life-like as possible, lessening the usage of screen-based technologies. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 5G and automation are currently bringing this reality closer.

Dr. Pernilla Jonsson, Head of Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab pointed out that this is “a shift from current smartphone-based internet connectivity to immersive experiences resulting from our senses being connected. This report explores what that could mean for consumers, with Augmented Reality glasses as the entrance point.” Below are the top 10 consumer trends as listed in the report made in October 2019.

The 10 Hot Consumer Trends on the Internet of Senses in 2030

The report includes 46 million early technology adopters from 15 different cities. These adopters anticipate the Internet of Senses in 2030. 

  1. Using VR glasses, 59% of the consumers believe that we will be capable of see map routes just by thinking in the desired location.
  2. A total of 67% of consumers believe that people can imitate the voice of someone else with a microphone in the future.
  3. Forty-five percent expect a digital device for your mouth that will make any food taste like whatever you desire.
  4. For every 10 consumers, 6 predicted that we will be able to travel digitally and sensually. An example of this is visiting and experiencing nature.
  5. More than 6 in 10 customers expect that they will feel the shape and texture of the digital icons on their smartphone screen when pressing it.
  6. For 7 out of 10 customers, they expect minimal to no difference between traditional, physical gaming and VR gaming.
  7. Half of the participants predicted that news reporting services that feature extensive fact checks could end the spread of fake news.
  8. Despite the concern of privacy, 50% expect the full resolution of privacy concerns, allowing us a safe usage of all the benefits of a digitized world.
  9. According to 6 out of 10 consumers, services based on the Internet of Senses will make society more environmentally sustainable and will help prevent more climate issues.
  10. Finally, 45% of respondents predict that 2030 will bring about digital malls. This will allow us to use all of our senses when shopping.

Do you agree with the report? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Ericsson and was provided for press usage.
Source: Ericsson

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