The Gamification of Online Casinos


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Gamification in casinos is a new feature, which in layman’s terms simply means making everything feel like a game. The concept of gamification itself is not new, but it was just recently implemented in the gambling business. Online casinos with such features have seen a surge in gamblers’ activities in terms of interaction and duration of playing time in gamblers’ online communities.

In its general concept, gamification initiates or potentiates the entertainment value of routine tasks, which in turn encourages people to participate in such tasks even if it means paying money to have a go at the fun activity. In a casino setting, gamification modifies the casino experience in such a way that it increases player engagement. Examples of such modifications can be seen in online casinos and video slot machines, going from less engaging reel spinning to more entertaining video game features with characters and skill requirements. One example, just to name one instance, for this would be Captain Cooks Casino Canada, which is investing efforts to improve the player experience beyond the average of the industry.

There’s a reward if a task is completed or some kind of badge to recognize the efforts and regular participation in gainful conversations by a user on the platform. On a psychological level, rewards or recognition drive the competitiveness of a gambler or even everyday people in their everyday life. We all strive to achieve something to feel accomplished. More to this point, everyone gravitates towards a winner, everyone wants to win and be celebrated, so they join the winners’ circle. This is why gamification works so well in the gambling universe. There are online forums or online communities for gamblers where engagement is rewarded and active accounts are verified or ranked based on their productivity and value to the community.

In all aspects of life, gamification or its concept has been used to imbue competitive spirit in people. Even in the educational sector, it’s been used to get the best out of students. The reward for excellence is a great motivator. In online casinos, gamification features like tournaments, dues, and battles are used to build a connection between customers and the casino. An online casino offering games that can be customized to the user’s taste will definitely see a surge in popularity and user activity.

The two casino gaming software giants, Microgaming and NetEnt, have incorporated the gamification concept into their titles, providing cinematic slot machines with video clips and an amazing sound system to unlock a new gaming experience. These are the features that draw and keep gamblers in online casinos. Nowadays, many online casinos have taken advantage of gamification features, using them as the main anchor for interacting with their products. There are several different types of gamification in online casinos, but below are the main ones that are mostly used by top online casinos:

  • Level-up or Interactive Progress Bar – the most common gamification feature used by casinos to market their products
  • Experience Points or In-game Shop Currency – it’s used with the progress bar
  • Rewards
  • Leaderboards
  • Avatar Creation – allows customers to customize their accounts
  • Map completion
  • Player vs. Player –  imbue competitive spirit in players
  • Badges – helps players feel like they are coronated for their achievements
  • Levels

It was a genius move to gamify casinos because the result has been astounding, and it turned up the heat in the gambling universe. Online casinos have become a lot more entertaining, and gambling has been more satisfying.

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