The Game Awards 2022 Winners Everyone’s Talking About


Last month, The Game Awards named its nominations, and numerous outlets voted for each category. Here are the most prominent winners along with their respective categories:

God of War Ragnarök

This game managed to get 10 nominations and won six of them. Here are the categories it won during The Game Awards 2022 and my thoughts about it:

  • Best Narrative: This shouldn’t come as a surprise because of its impeccable storyline.
  • Best Score and Music: Bear McCreary received the award for his contribution to the game’s music development.
  • Best Audio Design: Sony Santa Monica studios received the award
  • Best Performance: Christopher Judge, the voice actor for Kratos, won the award
  • Innovation in Accessibility: The game comes with 70 features that allow players to customize the experience
  • Best Action/Adventure: It has a versatile and diverse combat, combined with the thrill of exploring one’s surroundings.

Elden Ring

This game by Bandai Namco got eight nominations and managed to take home four of them. It won the following categories during The Game Awards 2022:

  • Best Role-Playing Game: The game’s immersive experience impressed players and attracted quite an audience, so it’s only natural that so many voted for it.
  • Best Art Direction: The game had captivating visuals and graphics.
  • Best Game Direction: Its interactive world-building features were top-notch.
  • Game of the Year: It set a new standard of depth and freedom that’s never been seen in an open-world game.


Since it launched, Stray gained immense popularity for allowing players to go on an adventure in a cyberpunk world as a cat. It had an impressive seven nominations at The Game Awards.

However, it couldn’t win against giants like Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök in categories like Best Game, Art Direction, or Game of the Year. It brought home awards like Best Indie Game and Best Debut Indie Game during The Game Awards 2022.

Photo credits: The feature image is owned by Bandai Namco and has been provided for press usage.

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Majid Khalid
Majid Khalid
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