Ever since Disney has purchased LucasArts, numerous Star Wars inspired items have appeared on the market. We also have movies coming out as well and plenty of merchandise to go with them as well. But for most of us getting items that we don’t want is not that good which is why finding something useful and also meaningful to this universe can be a good idea.

With that in mind, I wanted to talk a little bit about the Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug. At its core the idea here is simple, this is a mug that has a Darth Vader logo and message on it. The look here is actually very good and that on its own manages to bring in front an extraordinary value that you do not want to miss.

What I like the most about this mug is the set of extra features that it comes with. Basically, it will spin and stir on its own. These are great features that I would like to see in the case of any mug but seeing these here is nothing short of inspiring and fun.

The way you use the Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug is very easy. You have a button on the handle that allows you to shake or stir at your own convenience. That on its own is a nice touch and it manages to deliver a very good value because of that. It’s all about quality and attention to detail here, which is why the Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug can be seen as a very good product.

The visuals are extraordinary and the stirring process is nothing short of extraordinary. Yet despite all of that, everything is kept simple and enjoyable which is always a great plus for sure. I particularly like the packaging that does manage to show the mug in full effect but the way the mug was created is also quite impressive to begin with and I appreciate that quite a bit as well.

 It’s important to note that once you start using the Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug you will have quite a bit of problems when it comes to getting used to other mugs. The reason is simple, this mug is so good and so fun that you will want to get it with you at any given time.

Geeks and people that drink stuff that needs stirred will surely appreciate this great Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug and I feel that this can be a great gift as well. I definitely enjoy using this mug and if you are a Star Wars fan it’s surely a mandatory addition to your collection for about 20 bucks.

YouTube: UNBOX ME: Star Wars Darth Vader Stirring Coffee Mug (Kylie Gore)

Photo credit: Kylie Gore / LucasArts

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