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The Division: Civilization Is Gone but You Can Make a Difference

The gaming world always receives new insights and unique moments, but nothing is more fun than just having the ability to explore unique worlds based on real life locations. That’s what The Division does, because it places us in a post-apocalyptic New York filled with people that were affected by a virus and you need to try all you can to stop the virus from spreading and killing even more people.

The Division is very tactical as a game because not only does it allow you to carry only a limited amount of weapons, but the overall gameplay is very focused on demanding tasks that require teamwork.

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You can take cover during fights and you can even use tactics in order to better attack your enemies. I like the fact that Ubisoft did a very good job in creating a game that’s not only filled with amazing locations, but which is also unique and a whole bunch of fun to explore. There are special places for PVP though where you just can’t stay safe as anyone tries to kill you so that’s a very demanding process to begin with.

The game plays really well in third person and the fact that you get a day and night but also a weather system does seem to affect the gameplay quite a bit as it makes everything more interesting and fun as a whole.

Skills are quite fun to be had in this game and they do tend to offer some incredible moments on their own. Of course you do need experience points for them and currency for upgrades, but all of these tend to accumulate naturally and that’s what makes the entire gameplay so fun and exciting, because you are in complete control over the entire experience and that’s the coolness of it all.

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Playing The Division might be similar to Defiance and Destiny mostly because of the loot and missions but the reality is that the game does a pretty good job in creating and establishing its own world, giving in front new ways to explore the region and just offering a unique experience as a whole.

It’s amazing what The Division manages to do from a graphics perspective as well as the game not only looks great but it also brings in front some really nice, unique locations with plenty of perspectives and stunning backgrounds. Realism is all around in The Division to the point that everything manages to get quite scary considering the premise of the game and your gameplay!

As a whole, I feel that The Division does an amazing job in establishing a good story and offering an immersive world to go through. It’s definitely an enjoyable game with cool mechanics and you will love it for sure. Just give it a shot if you are in the mood for a cool action game, you will end up loving it!

YouTube: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Launch Trailer [US]

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