The Benefits of GE’s New Edge Cabinet Power Distribution Unit


1024-General_Electric-GE-Logo-PNG-Large-High-QualityGeneral Electric recently released a product that will help data centers increase their work space by approximately 10%, per employee. If you work in a data center, call center, or any type of office setting where it is snug. The new Edge Cabinet and single-conversion power distribution unit (PDU), will be a perfect addition for your work space.

The inside of the majority of most telecommunications or servers’ equipment cabinets are usually 24 inches wide, however once the servers are they only require 19 inches of space, which leaves 5 inches of “wasted space.” The GE New Edge Cabinet also offers a secure place for DC rectifiers to make sure the appropriate power is being provided to the servers and their internal components. By replacing the space wasting cabinets that offices are currently using with the new GE Edge Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (PDU) The back of the cabinet can be used for the rectifiers, which can be directly integrated into the available slots on the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) allowing employees to have a manageable and tidy work area.

A Tidy Work Area Leads to a More Productive Employee

It is really no big surprise that people are less distracted when things are neat and tidy. If an employee can’t find their mouse to enter data or a ringing phone because it is buried under a stack of papers, or they have cords tangled and twisted all over the place this is going to cause them to be distracted and less productive. When an employee cannot focus on their work due to a distraction then it should be remedied. That is why the GE Edge Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a perfect solution.

GE’s New Edge Cabinet Power Distribution Unit Help Increase Revenue

With GE’s New Edge Cabinet and Power Distribution Unit will allow room for extra revenue producing equipment for example, you can install server blades. In the long run, it will reduce the capital expenses on each cabinet, less hardware, and installation costs, increased by hundreds of server bays for every data center, compares to the probable likelihood of saving millions of dollars per facility.

In addition, GE’s new Edge Cabinet and Power Distribution Unit is able to house five GP100 rectifiers on the outside of the server rack. GP100 rectifiers facilitate the same secure phase power transfiguration proficiencies as other rectifiers that are available today. Allowing the users to generate a more effective power system.

The need for GE’s critical powers are quickly changing, disorderly markets where immense data, computing and communications volume is redefining how business is being done. People who work in the digital data content industry, in data centers, supercomputing, and telecommunications rely heavily on GE to continue to deliver energy-efficient and the reliable and power to keep networks rolling and transactions moving 24 hours a day 7 days a week, without any interruptions in service.


GE’s New Edge Cabinet Power Distribution Unit saves space, money and increases productivity.

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